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11th of November 2016
Moving from Donationware to Trustware

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided that instead of asking for donations, we should charge a small fee for commercial use. This should still bring a small revenue, but hopefully it will be more than donations and it will be enough to justify spending more time on Backpack. I already clock around 20 hours a week, imagine what Backpack would become at 40. Initial feedback was that it's only f...

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6th of November 2017
Backpack\CRUD 3.3 is launched

After a lot of work, Backpack\CRUD has finally reached the 3.3 milestone. There have been A LOT of changes, but we've managed to keep it as backwards-compatible as possible. We won't mention the countless bug fixes here, just the new stuff you should know you can now do with Backpack. Requirements PHP 7.0+ Laravel 5.5+ New Features - Backpack/Base 0.8.1 Logged in users can change their personal...

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25th of January 2018
Getting Started Email Series

If you haven't had time to go through all Backpack features yet, we've just launched something you might like: a free 5-day email course, which will take you through everything Backpack. In just 5 minutes a day, for the next 5 days, you'll get to know everything you need to know to build admin panels faster and better. I heavily recommend subscribing for the Getting Started emails to everybody who...

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22nd of May 2018
We're giving away a free Laracon US 2018 ticket

If you’ve been dying to go to Laracon US 2018 and don’t have a ticket yet, well... it has been sold out for a while now. But we have good news - we have a ticket, can’t come, and will be giving it away, for free. So if you can be in Chicago between 25-25 July 2018 and want to join the fun & learning, you’re in luck. This is probably the last chance to get a seat at Laracon US 2018. We don’t li...

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10th of July 2018
July 2018 Newsletter Is Out (Issue #19)

We have this habit of sending an email every month to our users, detailing what's happened in Backpack in the past month. It keep us accountable. We've just published the Newsletter for July 2018. Check it out to see the many many improvements we've done to CRUD this past month.

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25th of August 2018
What's Next for Backpack - August 2018

About the elephant in the room (no, not the PHP elephant). Nova coming out does not mean Backpack is going away. That's crazy-talk :-). I'll try to be as short as possible here, I'll just answer the things I've been asked multiple times. Backpack will definitely support Laravel 5.7. People have already used them together, and they say there are zero breaking changes for us. There's even a PR for i...

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