Progress Report - September 2023

This will be a short one. Not because we haven't done much - we have, but because we've been more focused on actually finishing things....

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

This will be a short one. Not because we haven't done much - we have, but because we've been more focused on actually finishing things. Plus maintenance & support, of course. Thankfully, Backpack v6 is now in a very stable state, so we can start focusing on new features and new products. More info 👇


New Add-on

Language Switcher

Are your admins from different countries? Now you can easily help them switch the language of the admin panel - our team member Antonio has created a package that adds a dropdown for it - and yes, it works out-of-the-box for all 3 of our first-party themes:

Backpack Language Switcher

People have asked us for it, so we've build it! More info on Github.

New Features

Livewire widget

You know what works very well with Backpack? Livewire. We've been using it for years and have developed a lot of trust and love for it. We love the island architecture, where each component is stand-alone and can refresh itself, as needed. And we love the fact that we code A LOT of the logic in PHP - we'd rather code as much as possible in PHP, rather than JS. We've been adding Livewire components manually to our projects for a long time, but now that Livewire v3 is out to... it's time to make it official.

We've developed a Backpack Widget that helps you easily include a Livewire component in Backpack pages, the same way you'd add any other widget. It's a quality-of-live improvement that I think anybody who uses Livewire will appreciate. And... people who don't use Livewire yet... might be more likely to try it 😉 You should thank Mohammad, Antonio and Pedro for this one! More info in the docs.

Better Support

It is confirmed! Our changes in support are working. We've had a MUCH easier time answering people, and questions get answered a lot faster - thanks to the change Jorge has been doing in our system. We now spend less time answering people... and more time coding. On what? Can't wait to show you guys... but you'll have to wait 😀

That's it from us. In October we plan to make some BIG improvements in our teamwork. We will give more ownership and accountability to our team leaders, so that each team (Support, Maintenance, Features, Content) is more autonomous and can perform. We're on a roll making things work smoother in Backpack, and I think it will show very very soon. We'll also be working on a few cool features, and continue our work on the features our community has requested. Stay tuned!

Thanks for using Backpack. We love doing this for you. Cheers!

PS. We just discovered DevTools doesn't have Livewire v3 support yet. We will add it in the first week of October - pinky swear!

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