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Backpack v6 launches this weekend - with a huge discount!

We have EXCELLENT news. Thanks to an all-team-effort for the past month, we are very happy with the state of Backpack v6 - our latest a...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

We have EXCELLENT news. Thanks to an all-team-effort for the past month, we are very happy with the state of Backpack v6 - our latest and greatest version. In fact, we are so happy with it... that we're releasing it this weekend. If you're starting a new project next week, you'll use v6, not v5.

Note that we are still fixing some minor inconsistencies in design, dark mode - working on backgrounds, borders, shadows, minor things like that. But the core? The meat? The functionality? That is rock-solid. We've been testing and fixing it all June.

This new release includes so many cool stuff, that it's difficult to pick what to tell you here:

  • THEMES! Including a brand-new theme based on Tabler which has... 🥁🥁🥁 dark mode 😱 and horizontal layouts 🤯
  • DROPZONE! Finally we have an upload field that is super-easy to use, both for devs and admins;
  • UPLOADERS! Creating mutators in your Models... is a thing of the past;
  • BASSETS! What are those? Well it helped us get from 90.3 MB down to 1.9 MB!

For more about those and a lot more, please read the v6 release notes.

Note: Backpack v6 is a "free" upgrade. If today you have access to updates to Backpack PRO, EditableColumns, DevTools, you'll have access to the v6-compatible versions; your purchase included 12 months of updates and upgrades.

Super Early Bird Discount - 40%

We are SUPER grateful that you want to install v6.0.0 and let us know what you find. So grateful in fact, that we're giving you a discount for it! Purchase in the next 2 weeks and use V6SUPEREARLYBIRD on checkout - you'll get 40% discount, for whatever you purchase on our website.

Hurry up - only the first 50 buyers get this discount!


Quick reminder: you don't need to worry about purchasing v6 or v5. When you make a Backpack purchase, you get access to the current version, previous versions and 12 months of updates and upgrades. So if you purchase Backpack 1 hour before v6 is launched (to get the discount), you will still get access to v6. And to be frank... probably v7 too (due Feb 2024).

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