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We have big BIG plans this year. In order to get those plans done… we need more people to join our team. Why? Because this year, we ha...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

We have big BIG plans this year. In order to get those plans done… we need more people to join our team.


Because this year, we have a lot on our plate:

Backpack v5

  • maintenance and bug fixing;
  • adding a bunch of new features;
  • improving DX (developer experience).

Backpack v6

  • moving to Bootstrap 5 with as few breaking changes as possible;
  • adding multi-theme support;
  • redesigning the admin interface.

Backpack v14

  • creating Livewire components (that can even be used now, in Backpack v5 and v6);
  • improving AX (admin experience).


  • making improvements to backpackforlaravel.com;
  • creating articles and videos that teach people how to use Backpack;
  • redesigning and polishing our brand.

We’ve never ever planned to do so many things in one year. And our team is already busy handling day-to-day operations! So we’re perfectly aware that…in order to achieve our goals this year, we need help. So we’re looking for a few new people to join us, people that will help us make Backpack v6 and v14 a reality.

Why now?

Fortunately, now we can afford it. After we adopted the open-core business model, Backpack is stronger than ever. It’s already reduced piracy from 99% to 98% and we’re confident that number will go even lower as time goes by. In fact, this year we’ve made it a goal to grow Backpack as a business too. To graduate from “sustainable” to “comfortable”. To make enough money to pay ourselves a decent salary and grow the team. For an open-source business, that’s a crazy idea, I know 😀 But we actually have a good chance!

I’m generally a skeptical person, so it says something that I’m actually confident we’ll be able to do all of the things above - both the technical and the business goals. We can finally get Backpack to that point that I dreamed about in 2016. That point where it solves all our admin panel problems in a clean and simple way, and provides a place to work for a kickass team, that builds cool stuff for a living. 2022 might just be the year when we finally make that vision come true. I’m so excited!


If you like what we do, and would like to join us, just reach out. Send an email to [email protected] with a intro about you, to get the conversation started.

If you already have a Resume/CV, send that too. If you don’t, please don’t bother creating one now. We’re more interested in what you’ve built using Backpack, if you’ve ever contributed, how long you’ve been using Laravel. Things like that. Real-world experience is much more relevant to us than a Resume.


An ideal candidate:

  • has 15 hours or more available per week (we can do part-time or full-time);
  • has the ability to issue invoices (as a freelancer, registered small business etc.);
  • has worked with Laravel + Backpack on a few projects, the more complex the better;
  • enjoys using Laravel & Backpack and is willing to go deeper into his knowledge of them;
  • speaks pretty good English (or above);
  • is sharp enough to know that, if you don’t tick all of the boxes above… they should still apply, we’re known to be pretty flexible.

We can offer:

  • a modest but stable revenue stream, paid every month (great for freelancers);
  • a pay increase opportunity every 6 months, according to our income growth - you don’t even have to ask, if Backpack makes more money, all our team members get more money;
  • a friendly and helpful team, where none of us think we’re right all the time, we own our mistakes and admit our faults;
  • a relaxed working schedule, with clear objectives and very few meetings;
  • an asynchonous and flexible work culture, where you don’t clock-in and clock-out;
  • an opportunity to make a big impact to a product you already use;
  • a glimpse of working in an industry you’re part of, with people that are very similar to you, for people that are very similar to you (this is HUGE!);
  • a deeper understanding of how Backpack and Laravel work;
  • fun and diverse problems to solve, that could help you grow as a developer, team member and a human being.

Ok, that’s it. Wheew… Thanks for reading all of this.

You know what? If you’ve gotten this far… I’m pretty sure you’re interested, you should email us. Like… right now. Just do it! It’s enough to write a quick one-paragraph intro, to get the conversation started, we’ll take it from there.

This is going to be such an exciting year for Backpack. Can’t wait to do everything on the list above. Maybe even… with your help 😉


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What do you think about this?

Have you somewhere explained why v6 and v14? What is v14? and v7, v8, v9 ...? :)
Great question! I've answered somewhere on Github (can't find it), and I will detail this in a blog post in a few weeks - Our 2022 Roadmap. But in short:
(1) Backpack v14 will be a paradigm shift (TablerUI + Livewire components), very different from v3-v6 (CoreUI + jQuery). We'll offer backwards-compatibility with the jQuery pages, but we expect people who have _heavily_ customized their views (implemented a different design altogether) to be reluctant to upgrade to v14 for a while. In case that happens, we need a little room to grow - maybe we need to push breaking changes for them too (v7, v8 etc). So it's a safety margin for us as maintainers.
(2) Marketing - I'm not ashamed to say it 😀 The version number alone should say "this one is very different". And "we've been here for a long long time". Because... it is, and we have 😀
(3) That will _actually be_ the 14th major version of our admin panels. If we move our previous version system (where 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc. where all major versions) to Semver... that's what that version will be, the fourteenth version of our admin panels. We'll be working on a blog post about that to... or maybe detail it in a new page "history" or "about us" or something.
Great news and great new logo! I think it would also be worth transforming the add-ons page. Make it more structured and allow users to add new packages there faster (with some minimal moderation), and the rest to rate. I also think the backpack already has a huge advantage in its built-in capabilities P.S. If not for my English and maybe skills, this would be a great offer!😂
Thanks Mikhail, I agree - we’ll be working on the add-ons page soon!

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