We're giving away a free Laracon US 2018 ticket

If you’ve been dying to go to Laracon US 2018 and don’t have a ticket yet, well... it has been sold out for a while now. But we have go...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

If you’ve been dying to go to Laracon US 2018 and don’t have a ticket yet, well... it has been sold out for a while now. But we have good news - we have a ticket, can’t come, and will be giving it away, for free. So if you can be in Chicago between 25-25 July 2018 and want to join the fun & learning, you’re in luck. This is probably the last chance to get a seat at Laracon US 2018.

We don’t like complicated giveaways either, so we made it simple:

Step 1. Join our “Laracon US 2018 giveaway" list. This will also add you to our monthly newsletter if you’re not already subscribed, but you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Step 2. Wait. On June 15th we'll use random.org to pick a winner. We'll email that winner and offer him the ticket. If he/she doesn’t reply within 24 hours or refuses, we pick another winner, and email him/her. We keep doing this until we have a confirmed winner. You’re a developer, you know how loops work :-)

Step 3. We send you an email to let you know if you’ve won or not, a full one month before Laracon. So you'll have enough time to get your Laravel T-shirt washed :-)

That’s it. Join our “Laracon US 2018 giveaway” list if you want the ticket.

If you haven't tried Backpack yet, register with Github here, we have a bunch of ways to help you get started.

Note: If can't make it to Chicago during the event, please be a good sport:

  • don’t join the giveaway;
  • share this page with your network / someone you think could go;

Details / FAQ:

  • Yes, people who have never used Backpack can join.
  • Yes, contributors on Github/Gitter/StackOverflow can join.
  • Yes, Backpack employees can join. But we have 0 employees, so… no?
  • Yes, we’ll film the giveaway, but won’t show your email address. Come on dude, we’re nice people here.
  • Yes, the ticket we give you is free. Zilch. Nada. $0.
  • No, we can’t cover your accommodation or travel expenses. Sorry.
  • No, we won’t give your email to third parties, we won’t send you emails that are not related to this giveaway and we won't sell it on the black market for puppy tears. Come on dude! You will, however, be subscribed to our monthly newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t like them.
  • No, I won’t be coming to Laracon US this year. Sorry, can’t make it.
  • No, we’ve never done giveaways before. You can tell, right? :-)

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