Free if you don't make money using it. So cheap if you do.

That's right. Backpack is free to use for all your non-commercial projects. That includes personal use, non-profits, testing, students etc. No profit = no need to pay. Still not sure? Contact us.

One Commercial Project

Save 100+ hours of development, at the cost of one.

If you use Backpack on a paid project (as a freelancer, employee or company), we expect you to give a little of it back.

Each license you buy helps us allocate more time to fix bugs and maintain the package. You're helping Backpack stay afloat, so you deserve a big big thank you!

Purchase license code
* Of course, free updates are included to all Backpack\CRUD 3.x.x releases and their associated packages.

Unlimited Commercial Projects

Pay once and save 100+ hours of development, for this project and the next one. And the next one. And so on.

If you use Backpack for all/most of your Laravel paid projects, this is a great way to help us make Backpack better. Your €299 will help us add new features, grow the community and invent new ways to reduce your coding time.

Thank you for being fair and helping us make Backpack better. Here, have a cookie, on the house.

Purchase license code
* Of course, free updates are included to all Backpack\CRUD 3.x.x releases and their associated packages.

Dev Team for Hire

€1900 (starting from)
Need a great team to build your product?

At :DigitallyHappy, we've been building stuff on the web for the past 9 years. That's what we do for work and that's what we do for fun. We've built everything from simple presentation websites to complex apps (social networks, video on demand, payment gateways, e-learning, e-commerce etc.).

Contact us if you need a great development team. We might be able to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Backpack commercial licenses.

What do I get for my €39 or €299?

By purchasing a license you get official permission to use all Backpack packages in a commercial application that you develop (for yourself, your employer or a client). All updates for that major version are also included in this price, of course (currently Backpack CRUD 3.x.x). Your invoice will contain a unique license code and instructions to place it in your .ENV file.

How long does this license last?

The Backpack commercial license lasts for ever (like diamonds), for one domain name. If in a few years you need to rewrite everything, you don't need to purchase another license.

Does it cover subdomains?

Yes. This license also covers unlimited subdomains.

Does it cover sublicensing?

No. This payment does not cover inclusion in free/paid packages, multi-tenant software or forks. A special sublicensing agreement is needed for that. Please contact us and we'll tell you more about it.

Does it cover parked domains?

If you're running the exact same app under two or more domains, sure. Just purchase one license, send us an email and we'll add those parked domains. But you know that's bad for your SEO, right? You should probably be using a 301/302 redirect.

Does it cover local/staging/testing environments?

No. That's because using Backpack in those is covered by the non-commercial license. Which is free :-)

I've started my project when Backpack was under MIT License. Do I have to pay?

No, you don't. But you can, if you want to help out. Paying a license is only mandatory for projects you started after November 11th 2016.

Can I buy more licenses at the current price and use them in the future?

Sure. Licenses are for ever. Just write "future project" instead of the domain name. You can change it afterwards with an email.

Can I get a free commercial license?

If you're a major code contributor on Github, yes, of course. You will not only get free commercial licenses, but you'll become a better developer, interact with awesome people and help the community. Already contributed and got nothing? Very sorry about that, please email us and we'll get that sorted.