You've worked with Backpack.
Now work with us.

Whether you need help building complex web apps or the admin panels they rely on, we have what it takes.

Option A. Get a team of professionals
Can include front-end dev, back-end dev, tech lead, tester and project manager.

One key to a successful startup is the right people. You need a battle-tested team with experience working together. A team with the guts and skills to make your tech dream come true: from resourceful developers, to nit-picking testers, to visionary project managers.

More than just a team, you're getting an ecosystem of tools, skills, best practices and know-how. You don't have to think about hiring and firing, technical solutions, collaboration tools, project management methodologies or deployment strategies. Your entire team can be set up in a couple of weeks.

Option B. Get a custom feature
Get your custom panels, operations, fields, filters, etc. coded for you.

Backpack is very very easy to extend. But sometimes you just don't have the time to that one thing you're missing. Or it's too difficult for you to tackle. We're here to help.

When it comes to building things on top of Backpack, there are few teams who are more time-efficient than us. Please reach out before you miss your deadline ;-)

Option C. Clone yourself
Get a like-minded developer to help.

Feels lonely on GitHub? Team up with one or more of our developers. You'll never merge your own pull request again. Get help with anything from front-end, to back-end, to unit tests, to code review. Whether you're starting from scratch or just need a hand with a few specific issues, we've got you covered.

Already have a development team, but could use that extra hand? Our developers have experience working across distributed teams, continents and industries. Scale up your existing team with one or more of our experienced developers and get their know-how to work for you, full-time. Or part-time.

We've built a lot of cool stuff. Yours is next.

From one month projects to 5 years of continuous development on the same app. We have done it all and then some.

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