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Quickly generate Laravel CRUDs, from the CLI or your browser. See why 1000s of Laravel professionals have used Backpack’s Laravel CRUD generators. Since 2016.

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Our Laravel CRUD Generators cater to multiple preferences and budgets.

Use our free tool to generate CRUDs from the command line or upgrade to save even more time and generate CRUDs from the browser.

Backpack Generators

Out of the box, Backpack’s free core comes with a command-line CRUD generator. Use it easily create a full working CRUD, for your Eloquent models.

* Works on existing Eloquent models. You can create them manually or using the tool of your preference.

Backpack DevTools

Easily generate all files you need to work with an entity, from a simple web UI - migration model factory seeder form request.

Then of course, click a button to generate the Laravel CRUD for that entity - fully working and ready to use.

Skip the boring scaffolding work and focus on your business logic.


Kind words from amazing people who love our product. They inspire us to move forward with bigger ambitions.

“Backpack for Laravel is highly customizable. Easy to use by a back-end developer with lots of built-in features.”

Ivelin Pavlov Senior Engineer, VMware Carbon Black

“Surely the starting point for every Laravel project. Don't reinvent the wheel, use the best wheel ever made!!”

Michael Di Prisco Full Stack Developer

“The best admin panel for Laravel that exists! Using it since 2018 without any issues. They are responsible, listens to the community and works hard to support new features.”

Stefan Azarić Program Manager, Microsoft

“It's a great product and also well documented which is usually the weak point of a lot of software. We developed a portal with our hotels information for our customers. Backpack feels like a very solid piece of software.”

Miquel Angel Daniel Software Engineer

“Backpack is very useful for quickly building usable CRUD / admin portals, while also having plenty of hooks to build custom functionality. The team supporting and developing Backpack are incredibly helpful, responsive, and are very welcoming.”

Dave Mills Data Engineer & Developer, Stats4SD

“Whether I have to scaffold a new project for a client or build a completely new solution, Backpack saves me a ton of time. If you are building any Laravel project that requires an admin panel, you should seriously consider Backpack.”

Arber Strazimiri Software Engineer

“Hands-down the best Laravel CRUD out there. Easy to use, fully featured, fully customizable and very affordable for production use as well.”

Nik Linders Backend Developer, Eleven59

“I love Backpack for Laravel because it makes things easier and it is easy to customise.”

Mauro Martinez Backend Developer

“Backpack speeds up CRUD development time and allows adding complex features (such as revision history) with just a few lines of code.”

Sean Backend Developer


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