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Laravel forms with 50+ fields.
Built in minutes.

Save time building Laravel forms in your admin panels, by using Backpack's many many inputs. They're ready-to-use and easy to extend (one blade file each).

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working out of the box

Create Operations

Empowering your admin to create new Eloquent entries shouldn't take you hours. Use Backpack's Create Operation to do it in minutes.

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working out of the box

Update Operations

Need to build Laravel Forms for editing Eloquent entries? Don't spent time writing the saving logic, we've done it for you.

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Custom Form Operations

Need to build a form that does something special? Use our Custom Form Operation to use the 50+ fields, but code your own saving logic.

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Simple and powerful

Laravel forms that work out of the box.

Backpack's CRUDs are the easiest way to build admin panels in Laravel. They come with 50+ field types and work out of the box.

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Field Types




Years of Maintenance

Complete solution

Complex form features, baked in.

With over 8 years of experience building admin panels, we've learned what features are most important. We've built them into Backpack, so you don't have to.

Generate forms

When you generate a CRUD, you'll automatically have fields for all the fillable attribute on your model.

Customize forms

Changing how the fields look and behave is just a matter of setting the right attributes on the field.

Extend forms

Creating new field types or completely customizing one can be done just by creating a new blade file.


Use Laravel's built-in validation rules to make sure user input is safe before saving it to the database.

Multiple fields per line

Easily make your forms look more compact by putting multiple fields on the same line.

Split forms into tabs

If you have a lot of fields, you can split them into tabs, to make it easier for the user to fill them in.

Translatable forms

Built-in support for translatable fields, so you can have a different value for each language.

Save Actions

After saving a form, you can redirect the user to a different page, show a message, etc.

All in one solution

57 built-in field types.

There's little our Laravel forms don't support out of the box. From text, to images, to file uploads, to relationships, to custom fields, we've got you covered.

Start generating full Laravel forms in minutes.

Build admin panels the easy way.