Progress Report - August 2023

This was a very productive month for us. We've not only fixed bugs in our newest software, but we've also streamlined our support syste...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

This was a very productive month for us. We've not only fixed bugs in our newest software, but we've also streamlined our support system and delivered 3 new FREE features and one FREE add-on. More info 👇


New Add-on

Activity Log

Ever wanted to track everything your users or admins are doing to the DB? Then you probably used spatie/laravel-activitylog. Well, now there's a Backpack interface for it too. You can easily see what users have done, how your Models have changed, filter through history, everything.

Backpack Activity Log

We've spent a lot of time thinking how and why you might be using this package, to cover all major use cases. We think you'll love it. Big thanks to our team member Antonio Almeida for creating this add-on. More info on Github.

New Features

Basset Helper

Thanks to community feedback, we've had an epiphany. There's an even easier way to use Basset than our @basset() directive. Something that would be so similar to how Laravel does things, that it'll make it easy-to-understand and easy-to-adopt. Within one week, we've overhauled Basset to also support this new method.

Basset helper

In addition to Laravel's asset() helper you now have a basset() helper, that does the same thing, but also internalizes the file. This is such a big improvement in terms of DX that we've decided to make this the default way to use Basset. More info (and thanks) here.

Email Verification

Backpack's "raison d'etre" is to help you build administration panels. But we know very well people have been using it for user interfaces, members area, CRMs, ERPs, SaaS, etc. And when the registration is public you probably want the email to be verified before you give access to the user. We have had quite a few requests for this over the years, so we've caved. After all, "the customer is always right". Email verification is now built into the Backpack Auth - you just need to enable it.

Backpack Email Verification

You should thank our rockstar team member Pedro Martin for this one. More info in docs.

Nested Dropdowns

Do you need multi-level dropdowns? Well... now you have them, in all 3 official Backpack themes:

Backpack Nested Dropdowns

The only thing you need to do different is to define nested="true" on those dropdowns. The theme will take care of the rest. Big thanks to the same Pedro Martins for this one.

Better Support

Our team members Jorge Castro & Mohammad Emran have worked on improving our support processes. They've added some new features to our website, that:

  • will make it faster and more reliable for our team members to answer tech support questions (with stats and everything);
  • will make it possible for us to delegate invoicing issues to a non-developer (new team member to be announced soon);

After we get accustomed, this should help our team spend less time on support, and more time on development.

That's it from us. In September we plan to finish a few more heavily-requested things 😀 Stay tuned!

Thanks for using Backpack. We love doing this for you. Cheers!

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