Backpack\CRUD 3.3 is launched

After a lot of work, Backpack\CRUD has finally reached the 3.3 milestone. There have been A LOT of changes, but we've managed to keep i...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

After a lot of work, Backpack\CRUD has finally reached the 3.3 milestone.

There have been A LOT of changes, but we've managed to keep it as backwards-compatible as possible. We won't mention the countless bug fixes here, just the new stuff you should know you can now do with Backpack.


PHP 7.0+

Laravel 5.5+

New Features - Backpack/Base 0.8.1

  1. Logged in users can change their personal information (name, email).
  2. Logged in users can change their passwords.
  3. New backpack_url() helper. It returns the administration URLs prefixed by the configured string, so you don't have to use the config value manually every time.
  4. The logged in user image is no longer a placeholder by default, but the user's image (if they have ever configured a gravatar for that email, or uses a service that has done that for him). For most users, this will look like magic - Backpack will seemingly pick up the user's profile image, without any input. This should make them feel more comfortable inside the Admin Panel - it has been proven that user images are a very good UX improvement in such use cases. You can of disable this "gravatar" behaviour in the base config file, or use any other method on your User model.
  5. Design facelift (introducing overlays that make the admin panel customizable and designs shareable; first overlay is called "Bold" and looks awesome, we think);
  6. New backpack_avatar_url() helper; just like backpack_url(), but points to the user's avatar;

New Features - Backpack/CRUD 3.3.1

  1. All tables are now AjaxDataTables. Millions of entries should be no problem, for any CRUD.
  2. We fixed all bugs regarding AjaxDataTables (I know, right?!).
  3. You can now define a "key" for a column, if you need multiple columns with the same name. Details here.
  4. You can make columns unorderable by specifying 'orderable' => false when you define them.
  5. You can make columns unsearchable by specifying 'searchLogic' => false when you define them.
  6. You can customize how a column is searched by defining a closure in the searchLogic attribute. This will help you create search logic even for previously-impossible columns, such as model_function or model_function_attribute. Details here.
  7. AjaxDataTables (aka all tables now) that use select or select_multiple columns will automatically search within the connected entities. This previously manual and boring task is now automatic.
  8. In create/update forms that use TABS, fields with no tab defined will be displayed on top.

How to use

A) For new projects - if you've installed Backpack after November 6th 2017, you're already using it;

B) For old projects - please follow the upgrade guide;

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