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Many Many Discounts - Black Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more

'Tis the season to be jolly! Wait, it's not Christmas yet. πŸ‘€ 'Tis the season to be buying! That's more like it. If you've been with us...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

'Tis the season to be jolly! Wait, it's not Christmas yet. πŸ‘€

'Tis the season to be buying! That's more like it.

If you've been with us for a while, you know we're not big fans of discounts. We think our software is always very affordable for how much time it saves. Plus, we think they're a bit unfair to the people who bought full-price. But... Black Friday is a world-wide holiday now, everybody in the Laravel ecosystem "celebrates it" and people expect us to discount our offering a bit around this time... We have already received emails from people who can't usually afford to purchase Backpack add-ons, and want a discount to get started. That really moves us, that people actually saved up their money to purchase our software πŸ™ That we're... desirable. And we're happy to be able to offer our products to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to buy them. Or make you smile knowing the you got a good deal πŸ˜€

But we want to be as fair as possible about it. So in the spirit of full disclosure, here are ALL our plans for this "black season". But first, a disclaimer: You can get a smaller or a bigger discount, if you time your purchase. Yes! But you don't have to. And you shouldn't feel left out if you don't catch them. When your Backpack updates expire, you will automatically receive a 20% discount offer by email - just use that.

That being said, you can snap some very good deals right now. Like... really good! So if you were looking for discounts, now is a GREAT time to buy!

Here are all the coupons codes and their details:

  • BLACKWEEK2023 - 25% discount for 50 purchases, between 20-30 Nov;
  • BLACKFRIDAY2023 - 40% off for 40 purchases, on 24 Nov (flash sale);
  • SBSATURDAY2023 - 33% off for 30 purchases, on 25 Nov (flash sale);
  • CYBERMONDAY2023 - 30% off for 30 purchases, on 27 Nov (flash sale);


  • Who can use them? Anybody. New buyers and repeat buyers too.
  • When do you use them? In the time windows above. All discounts expire Dec 1st 2023.
  • How do you use them? At checkout, right before the TOTAL, click "Add Coupon".

It makes us happy knowing these discounts will make a lot of sense for some people:

  • If you were on the fence about buying Backpack, this is a GREAT time to try it!
  • If you couldn't afford Backpack otherwise, now is a GREAT time to buy!
  • If you wanted to upgrade to Everything or Multi-Project but they were too expensive for you, now is a GREAT time to do that!
  • If you want to buy 5 years of upgrades and relax, now is a GREAT time for that!

Thanks again for supporting us, all of these years. We couldn't do our jobs maintaining and building out this software that we all use, if it weren't for people like you. You are freakin' awesome and we are super-grateful to have you πŸ™

Have a happy buying season, everyone! πŸŽ‰

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At what time (+timezone) do the black friday, sb saturday and cyber monday codes become valid? Asking for a friend πŸ‘€
Good question! Discounts begin at 00:01, timezone is GMT+0 (London).

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