Progress Report: February 2024

2024 has started strong, and February proves it. Many new users this month, so a lot more issues came in, but Jorge and Karan have done...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

2024 has started strong, and February proves it. Many new users this month, so a lot more issues came in, but Jorge and Karan have done a great job dealing with them (🙏). Pedro has fixed A LOT of things in our packages, and Antonio has worked on not one... but TWO new packages. Excited? So am I. Let's get into it:


Pedro has been on 🔥 this month, leading to many improvements:

New Packages

Calendar Operation

We've needed a 📆 enough times to understand... we need to create a general solution for everyone!

So Antonio and the team have done just that... they've created a brand-new paid package for us. You can purchase it here for 49 EUR instead of the regular 99 EUR (yes, that's 50% discount for the first few buyers). Of course... if you have purchased our EVERYTHING bundle... you already have access to it 😉 Everything means everything!

CalendarOperation for Backpack

But what is this package, more exactly?! Well... the package adds a new operation - CalendarOperation. You can use it instead of your ListOperation or in parallel with it. Using this new screen it provides

  • your admins can see the entries of the model on a Calendar;
  • they can drag-and-drop entries to change their dates;
  • they can easily go to the Create/Edit/Show operations (as well as Delete an item);
  • they can search through the current month/week for a certain entry;

Sounds simple? That's because we've made it simple! If your admins are managing any time-based models (eg. Appointment, Booking, Meeting, Flight, Call etc.), I am 100% sure they will thank you for adding this operation. It's super-intuitive, because we kept it simple, and so similar to something they already use (Calendar apps). I am pretty sure your admins will love it!

For more information, check out the CalendarOperation page. And of course, hurry up and buy it, if you want to benefit from the discount 😉

Another Package

Wait... didn't I say Antonio has been working on TWO packages? Yes I did. So... what is the other one? Is it FREE? Is it PAID? Well... you'll have to wait until next month to find out 😀 If you haven't already, subscribe to our blog article digest, and we'll let you know.

What I can say though... is that things have been running smoothly in our team for a while. And we are now able to bake more features for you guys. We are committed to provide more value to you, and you'll see that in the coming months. Stay tuned!

New Content

If you haven't noticed, we've been posting regularly for a year now (thanks in big part to Karan). I've decided to make a round-up each month, to make it easy for you:

If you haven't already, subscribe to our blog article digest to get this articles as soon as they're out. We also post PHP, Laravel and Backpack tips - for that follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for using Backpack. We love doing this for you.


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Reactions & Comments

What do you think about this?

Hi Christian, do you have direct link of your calendar page demo? :)
Pedro and Antonio are working on adding a demo, yes! Soon.
The Calendar operation is a great idea, I have already bought it! Any news about select2_from_api? One of our main projects depends on that feature, it was originally planned for January
I didn't pay attention and I purchased the calendar operation, but I already had access to it with the bundle :_____
I absolutely LOVE to see people impulse-buy our stuff 😅 Means we did a good job. Glad you solved it!
Yes! Select2_from_api is in the pipeline for this month 🤞

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