September 2018 Newsletter

Posted in News by Cristian Tabacitu - 4th of September 2018

3 months ago you told us what your biggest wishes are for Backpack improvements. I’m proud to say in August we've finished 2 of your top 5 wishes. And beautifully so:

  • Brand new documentation - waaay better wording, structure, search; more examples and images; plus, you can now help make the docs better with PRs on Github; we've spend a lot of time on this, but we know you’ll appreciate it;

  • Bulk actions - yes, your admins can now Delete multiple entries, easily - we think the UX is the best in class - try holding shift, changing pages, searching, etc - all so intuituitive; of course, you can create custom bulk actions;


  • new column type: upload_multiple

  • you can now use HTML inside your columns’ label

  • our doc examples now show really useful examples: how to create a fully-working Clone button, or a Clone Bulk button; let us know if you think we should include this operation in Backpack by default;

  • we'll officially support Laravel 5.7 the day it’s out (as usual, we'll release Backpack 3.5 a few days/weeks after it’s released - we recommend you upgrade both at the same time)

Next up: better generators :-)

In v3, we'll continue to tackle more of your top wishes. But some need a refactoring / rewrite. So we’ve also officially started working on v4 too. Very excited to work on this - I think you’ll love it even more than the current v3. Don’t worry, it’s still a good time to buy an Unlimited License - we’ll make sure it always is. You can find a rough roadmap in this article. TLDR: we’ll give discounts to recent Unlimited buyers, so that you still get your bang-for-buck if you upgrade to v4. We don't expect v4 to be ready in the next months, sorry.

Your feedback 3 months ago helped so much. Tell us what improvements you need, when building admin panels, and we might just do it ? We know what you wanted 3 months ago, and we’re working hard at it, but we’ve decided to give you the opportunity to tell us every month, not just every year. If you have stuff to say about using Backpack (good or bad), please fill in this 30-second poll, and tell us.

Thanks for using Backpack - I love doing this for you.