Laravel 5.8 is out, and Backpack 3.6 provides support for it

Posted in News by Cristian Tabacitu - 2nd of March 2019

Laravel 5.8 has been launched on Feb 26th 2019. It provides a few new features, but what we find most important is the upgrade to Carbon v2, which provides an easy and efficient way of localizing dates. The upgrade process is relatively quick, and should be possible for all 5.7 projects.

That's why we've quickly released Backpack\CRUD 3.6 and Backpack\Base 1.1 - to provide Backpack users a way to install Backpack on Laravel 5.8, and start their projects on the latest version.

This new Backpack version provides NO new features. It is just a maintenance upgrade, which adds support for Laravel 5.8 and removes support for Laravel 5.7 and 5.6. We're working towards our biggest upgrade ever (Backpack v4, still work-in-progress) so all breaking features will be added there. We'll still be adding non-breaking features to the 3.6 version, in the next few months, while we work on v4. And as we've mentioned before, it's always a good time to buy a Unlimited Backpack license. Unlimited buyers will get early access to v4, and a discount to upgrade. We're good people here, we'll make sure you'll still get your bang-for-buck.

This upgrade also contains an important Bootstrap patch. There has been a XSS vulnerability in Bootstrap, but 3.4.1 fixes it. This newest Backpack also applies that patch, by loading Bootstrap 3.4.1 from a CDN. For this security reason, and the fact that we'll be pushing all new non-breaking features into this new version, it is recommended you upgrade your projects to Laravel 5.8 and Backpack 3.6. The Backpack upgrade itself should not take more than 5 minutes. Check out the upgrade guide.