Progress Report - July 2023

This was a crazy month for us. After having launched Backpack v6 at the beginning of the month (😱), we had a bit of calm... before the...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

This was a crazy month for us. After having launched Backpack v6 at the beginning of the month (😱), we had a bit of calm... before the storm 🌪️ Then our team has spent the rest of the month polishing, bug fixing, making everything as good as possible, for you to have the best DX possible when using Backpack v6.

We've now confident that v6 is the way to go, for any new project you start. And ready for any old project, just upgrade to it.


New Version

Oh did we mention... we just launched a WHOLE NEW VERSION?! 🎉 That's right, we’ve launched Backpack v6, at the beginning of the month. 🎉 This latest version brings so many improvements and features, that it's difficult to pick our favorites:

  • 2 new themes; plus the ability to easily and officially create Backpack themes; some use Bootstrap v4, some Bootstrap v5, some even have dark mode support (😱);
  • 23 new column types;
  • 1 new field type (dropzone!);
  • uploaders, making uploading files crazy-simple;
  • Spatie MediaLibrary support;
  • ability to easily create custom form operations;

For more features, info, screenshots etc please see the v6 Release Notes. And play around in the v6 demo. Then start using v6 already, it's ready for prime-time. Upgrade to Backpack v6 now, by following our upgrade guide. If you liked Backpack v5, you will ❤️ Backpack v6!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you purchased Backpack PRO after July 1st 2022, you already have access to the v6-compatible PRO version! When you buy a premium Backpack add-on, you get 12 months of updates and upgrades. Of course, we recommend you purchase more 12 more months of updates, to continue getting the latest fixes and features for Backpack v6.

New Themes

This month we polished and released all 3 themes that Backpack v6 needs:

  • CoreUIv2 - which is EXACTLY the theme in Backpack v5; it stays at Bootstrap v4 to keep IE support and compatibility with any custom components or pages you've already built;
  • CoreUIv4 - this theme takes you one step further; you get Bootstrap v5, without rocking the boat too much; for most projects, moving to this theme will be pretty easy, including custom components;
  • Tabler - this brand-new theme uses a whole new admin panel template under the hood and adds A BUNCH of new features;


We've had a 40% discount... but that's been exhausted. Then a 30% discount... that got exhausted... now we still have a few 25% discounts... so if you want to buy Backpack at a discount... now's the time. Just use the V6-LAUNCH-AFTER-PARTY coupon on checkout.

Going forward, in August we're going to focus on polishing v6 some more... and bringing some new stuff to life, that will make your life easier 😀 Stay tuned!

Thanks for using Backpack. We love doing this for you. Cheers!

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