Use HAPPY8THBIRTHDAY25 coupon to get 25% discount on anything.
Promo expires 3 weeks from now.



Huge Discounts to Celebrate 8 Years of Backpack! Go get 'em!

As I mentioned in my previous article, we're celebrating Backpack turning 8 years old... with a BANG! If you've been with us for a whil...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

As I mentioned in my previous article, we're celebrating Backpack turning 8 years old... with a BANG! If you've been with us for a while, you know we're not big fans of discounts - we think our software is always very affordable for how much time it saves. That being said... we're happy to be able to offer our products to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to buy them. Or make you smile knowing the you got a great deal πŸ˜€

In short, we're doing a 4-week celebration, where everything is 25% off! In addition, we have a few flash discounts planned, where the discount is even higher (but it will be limited to the first N buyers).

We believe these discounts will make a lot of sense for some people:

  • If you want to buy 3-5 years of upgrades and relax, now is a GREAT time for that!
  • If you wanted to upgrade to Everything or Multi-Project but they were too expensive for you, now is a GREAT time to do that!
  • If you couldn't afford Backpack otherwise, now is a GREAT time to buy!
  • If you were on the fence about buying Backpack, this is a GREAT time to try!
  • If your company can afford full-price don't use the coupon codes, just buy full-price to support us the most πŸ™πŸ»

Here are all the coupons codes and their details*:

  • HAPPY8THBIRTHDAY40 - 40% off for 40 purchases, starting June 10th (flash sale for 1 week);
  • HAPPY8THBIRTHDAY33 - 33% off for 33 purchases, starting June 17th (flash sale for 1 week);
  • HAPPY8THBIRTHDAY25 - 25% off, for 4 weeks, starting June 10th 2024;

(*) We do reserve the right to change stuff during the campaign, according to feedback and metrics. But it will never be less than the above, we promise.


  • Who can use them? Anybody. New buyers and repeat buyers too.
  • When do you use them? In the time windows above. All discounts expire July 7th 2024.
  • How do you use them? At checkout, right before the TOTAL, click "Add Coupon".

Thanks again for supporting us, all of these 8 years. We couldn't do our jobs maintaining and building out this software that we all use, if it weren't for people like you. You are freakin' awesome and we are super-grateful to have you πŸ™

Here's to many more years of building and maintaing software for you 🍻


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I get an error saying the code hasn't started yet when I try to use the coupon HAPPY8THBIRTHDAY40. I hope I won't miss the discount.
Hey Daniel - oups, my bad. It's fixed now, the 40% discount has started. If you don't manage to buy in time please email me, happy to fix it.
Thank you! I was able to apply the coupon to my purchase. :)
got the 40% discount! Thanks @tabacitu
Thank you, Cristian. Successfully used 40% coupon to extend my "MULTI-PROJECT PRO" subscription, glad to use your product!
Opf! It hurts to finally see this amazing discount appear, but yet payday is still two days away. :|
Ah damn! Send me an email, saved you one!

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