Celebrating 1.000.000 downloads

Today, it hit us. We found out that... we've recently surpassed 1 million unique downloads... and we were... blown away. We wanted to...

Cristian Tabacitu
Cristian Tabacitu

Today, it hit us. We found out that... we've recently surpassed 1 million unique downloads... and we were... blown away.

1 million downloads

We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you... we're humbled by the support we've received from you. These past 5 years have been amazing and we're grateful every day that you've helped us do this:

  • If you've ever purchased a Backpack license, thank you!
  • If you've ever submitted an issue or PR, thank you!
  • If you've ever created an addon/extension/tutorial about Backpack, thank you!
  • If you've ever helped another Backpacker with something, thank you!
  • If you've ever told a friend or colleague about Backpack, thank you!

For us here at Backpack, this is just the first 1 million downloads. We have big plans for Backpack and we're super-excited to help you going further. This would have been an excellent opportunity to announce what we've been working on, for the past few months. We absolutely love it and we're certain you'll love it too. But... it's not quite ready for prime-time yet... we'll probably show it to you in a few weeks. Until then, you can subscribe to our blog digest if you want to find out when it's out. No, it's not the next Backpack version - Backpack 4.2 will be worked on and released shortly after. It's... something else. Something even more exciting, that's going to help us all build better and faster.

But we do feel the need to do something to celebrate. So... we've decided to give you a 25% discount for a few days, as a thank you for helping us go this far. We rarely do discounts, but... we felt like 1 million needs to be celebrated. And that we need to show our gratitude. So for the next 3 days, you can purchase Backpack at just 299 EUR / 51 EUR.

Thanks again for your support - we couldn't have done this without you.

PS. No, that's not 1M downloads across all our projects, that's 1M downloads for our core project - backpack/crud. If we were to count it that way, our download count would be even bigger - 4.172.990+ downloads.

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I just want to thank you all for the hard work you have put during the years! You have helped literally millions of projects!
Kudos on the 1M! Thank you for all the hard work on the Backpack! Looking forward to the news that you will publish in a few weeks :)
Thank you, for real thank you so much, you save our hours of work

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