Getting Started Videos

Total Duration: 59 minutes

1. Intro

Let's get to know Mauro Martinez, one of the Backpack maintainers and your teacher for this series.

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2. Installation & Setup

Let's setup a Laravel project and follow the Backpack installation.

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3. Look & Feel - Introduction to Backpack Themes

A quick intro to Backpack themes - how to customize the look & feel of your admin panel, or use a Bootstrap theme of your choice.

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4. Dashboard

Let's place some content on the admin dashboard using Backpack widgets - it's super easy.

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5. CRUDs - Intro to Operations

Operations are a very important part of Backpack - they allow you to do things like Create, Read(List & Show), Update & Delete. Let's understand how they work.

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6. DevTools - Generating CRUDs

Go from idea to full CRUD in seconds! Quickly build an admin panel for your Eloquent models using a web interface to generate migrations, models and CRUDs.

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7. List Operation

Let's take a deeper dive into the List operation and one important feature it is using - Backpack columns.

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8. Create & Update Operations

Now let's do a deeper dive into Backpack form - particularly the ones in the Create & Update operations, who use Backpack fields, another important feature.

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9. Show & Delete Operations

Let's also address some easy operations - Show & Delete operation. You'll see they are very similar to the ones above.

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10. Reorder & BulkClone Operations

Here are two other operation you will most likely need - they will help you reorder or duplicate the entries.

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11. Custom Operations using DevTools

This video shows how to create custom operations, using our premium add-on DevTools.

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Thank you for dedicating these 59 minutes to learning Backpack. You should now be able to build your first admin panel. But if you feel like you're not quite ready yet, here are a few more things you can do:

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