3. Advanced Features

Duration: 5 min

Here are some other cool things Backpack makes easy for you. We recommend going through them one by one, just browsing. You might not need the feature right now, but when you do, you'll know how to find it.

Other Operations

  • Show Operation - helps admins preview an entry FREE
  • Reorder Operation - helps reorder and nest entries (hierarchy tree) FREE
  • Revise Operation - helps record all changes to an entry and undo them FREE
  • Clone Operation - helps make a copy of an entry; PRO
  • BulkDelete Operation - helps delete multiple items in one go; PRO
  • BulkClone Operation - helps clone multiple items in one go; PRO

Other Features


  • ListEntries
    • you can add a "+" button next to each entry, to allow the admin to easily preview some quick information that was too big to fit inside a column - we call it details row PRO
    • export all visible items in the table by adding export buttons PRO
    • custom search logic for the columns in the list view FREE

Additionally, here are a few more ways you can customize your CRUDs:

That's it for today! Told you we're done with long lessons :-) Hopefully some of the above have peaked your interest and you've clicked to see what Backpack can do. In the next lesson we'll go through a few other Backpack packages that cover some recurring use cases.

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