Official Add-ons

In addition to our core packages (CRUD and PRO), we've developed a few packages you can install or download, that treat common use cases.

Premium add-ons (paid separately):

  • Backpack PRO - adds 6 more operations, 10 filters, 28 more fields, 28 more columns and 1 more widget to your toolbelt; we believe it's everything you need to build admin panels... of any complexity PAID EXTRA
  • Backpack DevTools - a GUI to easily generate Migrations, Models, Seeders, Factories and CRUDs, right from your browser window; a power user's dream come true! PAID EXTRA
  • Backpack Figma Template - quickly create designs and mockups, using Backpack's design, screens and components; empower your designers to design admin panels that are easy-to-code; PAID EXTRA
  • Backpack EditableColumns - let admins make quick edits, right from the table view; PAID EXTRA
  • Backpack CalendarOperation - adds a Calendar view to your CRUD toolkit; let admins list, search and preview db entries on a calendar, as well as make quick edits with drag&drop; PAID EXTRA

Free add-ons:

The free add-ons only provide basic functionality. What will be enough for most projects. They do not intend to be a complete solution for all use cases. If you need to customize a package for your specific use case, you can easily do that, by copy-pasting their code in your project and modifying it. Every official package has been created with this in mind, has a very simple architecture, uses Backpack best practices. Find the "extend" section in each of their docs for more about this.

Like our open-core?

Then you'll love our premium add-ons - productivity tools and tons of new features.