Features (Free vs Paid)

Starting with Backpack v5, our software is open-core. That means there are features that you can use for free, and features you can only access by purchasing. Our goal with this split was to have:

  • a simplified version, that includes what most admin panels absolutely need, in backpack\crud; FREE
  • a plug-and-play addon, that adds features for more complex use cases, in backpack\pro; PRO

You do not need to purchase anything from us. But we hope that:

  • if you're making money from your project, as soon as you need one paid feature, you can justify its cost, to save the time it takes to build that yourself;
  • if you're not making money from your project yet, as the project grows and starts making a profit, you'll want to purchase, to get access to paid features and support its maintenance;


Everywhere in our docs, you'll see the PRO label if it needs the backpack\pro add-on. Everything else... is free, as part of backpack\crud. Here's a comparison table of all features, so you can easily understand what will be a good fit for you:

Backpack\CRUD Backpack\CRUD +
Admin UI
  - Alerts   FREE FREE
  - Authentication   FREE FREE
  - Custom Pages   FREE FREE
  - Breadcrumbs   FREE FREE
  - HTML Components   180+ components 180+ components
  - Widgets   9 widgets 9 widgets + chart
CRUD Panels
  - List Operation FREE FREE
      - Columns   25 columns types 25 free + 6 pro columns
      - Buttons   FREE FREE
      - Search   FREE FREE
      - Filters   - 10+ filter types
      - Export Buttons   - PRO
      - Details Row   - PRO
  - Create & Update Operations FREE FREE
      - Fields   29 field types 29 free + 28 pro fields
      - Validation   3 ways 3 ways
      - Multiple fields per line   FREE FREE
      - Split fields into tabs   FREE FREE
      - Translatable Models   FREE FREE
      - Save Actions   FREE FREE
  - Show Operation FREE FREE
      - Columns   25 column types 25 free + 6 pro columns
  - Delete Operation FREE FREE
  - Reorder Operation FREE FREE
  - Revise Operation   FREE FREE
  - BulkDelete Operation   - PRO
  - Clone Operation   - PRO
  - BulkClone Operation   - PRO
  - Fetch Operation   - PRO
  - InlineCreate Operation   - PRO

Both backpack/crud and backpack/pro will keep receiving active attention, maintenance and care from us, for many years going forward - this is our job. But in principle, new features will not be added to backpack/crud. We will keep adding new features to backpack/pro, though. If you have suggestions, please vote on top new features or open a new suggestion.


In addition the our main packages (backpack\crud and backpack\pro), whose features we've detailed above, we've also developed a series of single-purpose Backpack add-ons. Most developers won't need these, but those who do... will be grateful that we took the time:

  • some free: backpack\permissionmanager, backpack\settings, backpack\pagemanager, backpack\newscrud, backpack\menucrud, backpack\filemanager, backpack\logmanager, backpack\backupmanager, backpack\revise-operation etc. FREE
  • some paid: backpack\devtools, backpack\figma-template PAID EXTRA

We also encourage our community to build third-party add-ons (we've made it super-easy). Our plan is to create more and more add-ons, as we discover more recurring problems, that we can solve for Laravel freelancers & development teams.

For more information, see:

  • our addons page for more addons (including third-party addons);
  • our pricing page for the first-party addons that we think are so good, that they're worth paying for;

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