Show Operation



This CRUD operation allows your admins to preview an entry. When enabled, it will add a "Preview" button in the ListEntries view, that points to a show page:

Backpack CRUD Show Operation

In case your entity is translatable, it will show a multi-language dropdown, just like Edit.

How it Works

The /entity-name/{id}/show route points to the show() method in your EntityCrudController. Inside this method, it uses setFromDb() to try to magically figure out all attributes you would like shown for this Model, and shows them using Column types inside show.blade.php.

How to Use

To enable this operation, you need to use the ShowOperation trait on your CrudController:


namespace App\Http\Controllers\Admin;

use Backpack\CRUD\app\Http\Controllers\CrudController;

class ProductCrudController extends CrudController
    use \Backpack\CRUD\app\Http\Controllers\Operations\ShowOperation;

This will:

  • make a Preview button appear inside the List view;
  • allow access to the show view;

By default, the operation tries to guess what column types to show for each column in the database, using setFromDb(). But it only works for simple column types. Most likely, you'll need to manually define the more complicated column types. You should manually define columns inside the setupShowOperation() method - which gets called automatically when the Show operation is being performed. For example:

    protected function setupShowOperation()
        // by default the Show operation will try to show all columns in the db table,
        // but we can easily take over, and have full control of what columns are shown,
        // by changing this config for the Show operation 
        $this->crud->set('show.setFromDb', false);

        // example logic
            'name' => 'table',
            'label' => 'Table',
            'type' => 'table',
            'columns' => [
                'name'  => 'Name',
                'desc'  => 'Description',
                'price' => 'Price',
            'name' => 'fake_table',
            'label' => 'Fake Table',
            'type' => 'table',
            'columns' => [
                'name'  => 'Name',
                'desc'  => 'Description',
                'price' => 'Price',
        // $this->crud->removeColumn('date');
        // $this->crud->removeColumn('extras');

        // Note: if you HAVEN'T set show.setFromDb to false, the removeColumn() calls won't work
        // because setFromDb() is called AFTER setupShowOperation(); we know this is not intuitive at all
        // and we plan to change behaviour in the next version; see this Github issue for more details
        // https://github.com/Laravel-Backpack/CRUD/issues/3108

How to Overwrite

In case you need to modify the show logic in a meaningful way, you can create a show() method in your EntityCrudController. The route will then point to your method, instead of the one in the trait. For example:

use \Backpack\CRUD\app\Http\Controllers\Operations\ShowOperation { show as traitShow; }

public function show($id)
    // custom logic before
    $content = $this->traitShow($id);
    // cutom logic after
    return $content;

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