Release Notes

Launch date: November 2018

Here are the main differences between Backpack 3.4 and Backpack 3.5.

Backpack\Base 1.0.x


  • added a layout_guest template which has no sidebar and no top menu;
  • login, register, reset password views look much better, because they're using this new layout with no sidebar; details and screenshots here;
  • Backpack authentication is now completely separate from the scaffolded Laravel authentication; Backpack uses its own auth provider, guard and password broker, that developers can overwrite by adding one with the same name (backpack) to their config/auth.php file; details here;
  • added php artisan backpack:base:publish-user-model command; details here;
  • added php artisan backpack:base:publish-middleware command; details here;
  • upon installation, BackpackUser model and CheckIfAdmin middleware are published by default - so they can EASILY be customized; details here;
  • two separate files: inc/topbar_left_content.blade.php and inc/topbar_right_content.blade.php where the user can specify additional content for the top menu; details here; documentation here;
  • error views now use a layout file, so it's easier to customize how all error pages look; defaut error view design is now consistent with default AdminLTE design;
  • split layout into multiple views (head, scripts), so it's easier to customize just one part of it;
  • backpack_url() can now take parameters, just like url();
  • password reset page is a clear two-step process, and pre-populates the email field; big UX improvement for something that is often used by inexperienced users (they're the ones losing their password);


  • reset password procedure - you might have it broken in 0.9.0 because of a missing step in the upgrade guide, an using App/User instead of BackpackUser in your config/backpack/base.php file;
  • bug where you couldn't use permissions and roles when using backpack_auth() helper; BackpackUser now picks up relationships from the User model it extends; details here;
  • default CSS file now uses body.skin-purple as a selector, to fix the paint glitch, where buttons and other things were shown blue, then changed to purple, when using the purple skin;
  • now using jquery and font-awesome from adminlte package instead of CDN;
  • language folders like da_DK, fr_CA and pt_br have been duplicated into their standardized form (da-DK, fr-CA and pt-BR); introduced notice that the old folders will be deprecated in the next release;
  • the footer is now transparent; it is not a primary piece of content, it shouldn't stand out;


  • removed Laravel 5.5 support;
  • remvoved PHP 7.0 support (since Laravel 5.6 does not support it);

Backpack\CRUD 3.5.x


List Entries

  • #1675 - design facelift for the list view - a lot cleaner; before & after photo here;
  • #1702 - added persistent_table functionality, and save state datatables; documentation here;
  • #1702 - sharable links for ListEntries - filters now add their GET parameters to the current page, so that you can share the URL and the person that gets it will see exactly what you saw;



  • #1694 - you can now further filter the results shown in a select, select2, select_multiple, select2_multiple field, buy specifying a custom query or scope; adds a new options attribute to the mentioned field types, so that they behave similarly to select_from_array; documentation here;
  • #1687 - select2_nested field type; documentation here;
  • #1695 - added select_and_order field type; documentation here;
  • #1688 - added select_grouped and select2_grouped field types; documentation here and here;
  • #1712 - added address_google field type; documentation here;
  • #1484 - the select2_from_ajax field allows you to filter the results of a select2, depending on what has already been selected in a form - this means we can now have a select2 that depends on another select2, or a checkbox, or a radio, or whatever; documentation here;
  • #1484 - added method attribute to ajax select2s; documentation here;
  • #1484 - added dependencies attribute to ajax select2s; documentation here;



  • #1658 - model function button did not pass $crud to button;
  • #1680 - Backpack checks that CrudTrait is used on the Model; otherwise it throws a 500 error with a clear message; you can no longer create CRUD panels for Models that do not use CrudTrait;
  • #1535 - orderBy got ignored when the user clicked on a column heading to reoder the datatable; now it doesn't; would only maybe be a breaking change for entities that have an field named order;
  • #1390 - using our own helper mb_ucfirst() instead of ucfirst();
  • #791 - could not revert changes made in fake field holders; now we can;
  • #1712 - renamed address field type to address_algolia; alias keeps backwards-compatibility;
  • #1692 - we can now use arrays for field names, like category[0][name];

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