This operation allows your admins to reoder & nest entries.

CRUD Reorder Operation


Your model should have the following integer fields, with a default value of 0: parent_id, lft, rgt, depth.

Additionnaly, the parent_id field has to be nullable.

How to Use

The Reorder operation is disabled by default. To enable it, you should use $this->crud->allowAccess('reorder'); inside your setup() method. This will make a Reorder button appear in ListEntries, in the top button stack. Then, in your EntityCrudController's setup() method:

$this->crud->enableReorder('attribute_name', ALLOWED_DEPTH);


  • attribute_name should be the attribute you want shown on the draggable elements (ex: name);
  • ALLOWED_DEPTH should be an integer, how many levels deep would you allow your admin to go when nesting; for infinit levels, you should set it to 0;

How It Works

The /reorder route points to a reorder() method in your EntityCrudController.

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