Release Notes

Launch date: March 1st 2019

Backpack 3.6 has no new features. It is just a maintenance upgrade, which adds support for Laravel 5.8 and removes support for Laravel 5.7 and 5.6.

Here are the main differences between Backpack 3.5 and Backpack 3.6.

Backpack\Base 1.1.x


  • support for Laravel 5.8;


  • removed Laravel 5.6 and 5.7 support;
  • jenssegers/date dependency, since Carbon v2 can now do the same thing well;
  • Tightenco\Parental dependency, since it proved unstable; the trait we were using is now included in Base as Backpack\Base\app\Models\Traits\InheritsRelationsFromParentModel;;

Backpack\CRUD 3.6.x


  • date and datetime column use Carbon localized dates, instead of jenssegers/date ;

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