Community Add-ons

We've been blessed with a wonderful, supportive community, where developers help each other out. Some of them have even created add-ons, so that we can all reuse functionality across our projects:

Name Description License
AbbyJanke/Expensed income and expense tracker MIT
eduardoarandah/LogViewer advanced logging interface - brings the ArcaneDev/LogViewer package to Backpack admin panels MIT
eduardoarandah/UserManager manage the default Laravel users table (no permissions, no groups) MIT
novius/laravel-backpack-redirection-manager manage missing page redirections AGPL-3
novius/laravel-backpack-translation-manager manage translations stored in the database -
updivision/estarter-ecommerce-for-laravel complete e-commerce back-end (products, categories, clients, orders) YUMMY
webfactor/laravel-generators CLI to generate migrations, factories, seeders, CRUDs, lang files, route files MIT
seandowney/laravel-backpack-gallery-crud manage photo galleries MIT

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