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PRO for one project

This package adds 5 more operations, 10 filters, 28 more fields, 6 more columns and 1 more widget to your admin panel. We believe it's everything you need to build your project's admin panel... not matter how complex it becomes.

Depending on how many projects you'll be using this on, please purchase:

If you've purchased a Backpack v4 license after Feb 9th 2021, you get free access to Backpack v5 PRO. See details here.


Many many more fields

PRO adds 28 more fields, including: address_algolia, address_google, base64_image, browse_multiple, browse, ckeditor, color_picker, date_picker, date_range, datetime_picker, easymde, icon_picker, image, relationship, repeatable, select_and_order, select2_from_ajax_multiple, select2_from_ajax, select2_from_array, select2_grouped, select2_multiple, select2_nested, select2, table, tinymce, video, wysiwyg. There are so many of them... that we can't even brag about all of them here.

So we're just going to highlight 3 PRO fields, each one worth 2x-10x the cost of Backpack PRO:

Go ahead and see all fields in action, in our demo, within the Monsters CRUD. They all have clear labels, so you'll know which ones are FREE which ones are PRO.

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More columns

PRO adds 6 more column types to your toolbelt, to be using in your List or Show operations - video, array, array_count, markdown, relationship, table, with more to be added in 2022.

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More operations

Currently PRO adds 5 more operations to your toolbelt:

Filters inside your List operation

Easily provide a way for your admin to narrow down the results in the table view, using the 9 available filters.

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Chart widget

Quickly add bar charts, line charts and pie charts to your dashboards - using the chart widget.

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This package requires Backpack v5, which requires Laravel 8 or Laravel 9.


Quick Installion

In your Laravel + Backpack project, run:

php artisan backpack:require:pro

It will ask you for your token & password - which you get after you purchase this package. You can later see your token and password in your Backpack account.

Manual Installation

If the quick installation above doesn't work, here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Buy access to this package and you'll get an access token. Then:

  • add your token to your project's auth.json file by running composer config [your-token-username] [your-token-password]
  • intruct your composer.json to look for packages in our private repo too:
    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""

Step 2. Install the package using Composer:

composer require backpack/pro


You can use the "PRO" features as instructed in the Backpack documentation.


The package provides:

  • some extra views for fields, filters, columns, buttons, widgets; the directories here are checked automatically by Backpack, in this order: your resources/views/vendor/backpack/crud/fields, then this package; if you want to override a file provided by this package, just create one with the same name in your application, in the directory above (the exact same way you did in Backpack v4);
  • some extra operations; the controller traits are loaded automatically by the files in Backpack/CRUD; if you want to override an operation this package provides, create a new trait in your app that uses the trait this package provides; then use your trait wherever you want;


Unfortunately, since this package is closed-source, we don't have a good way to collaborate on it. If you'd like to do so, please let us know in this thread. We might find a temporary solution for you, until we find a permanent solution for everybody.


To submit issues, bugs and feature requests, please use our laravel-backpack/crud repo on Github.


If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected] instead of using the issue tracker.


This software is proprietary & closed-source, released under the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Private Backpack Addons. A copy of that license is also provided inside the source code - you can read that file by using the tabs at the beginning of this page. This is the only add-on we sell that is priced differently depending on how many projects you will use it on. So depending on how many Laravel+Backpack+PRO projects you will be developing, please purchase:

Package Access

You don't currently have access to this package. To gain access, go ahead and purchase it. You'll get:

Next 12 months
  • download or install using Composer;
  • all updates (major, minor and patch);
After 12 months
  • can still access all versions and updates you paid;
  • can still install using Composer;
  • no new versions or updates;
Buy for 69 EUR