Save even more time, with additional products created by the Backpack team.

We're tackling each and every step of the web development process to make them... fun.

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Extra Tools

If you build websites or web apps for clients, these tools will save you or your clients dozens or hundreds of hours, guaranteed.


Frequently Asked Questions.

About the additional Backpack packages.

What do I get by purchasing them?

For downloads (eg. Figma Template), it's simple: you get a download link now and a new download link every time we push an update.

For code (eg. DevTools), you get access to our private Composer repository, to download and install that package. In addition to that:

  • all products come with 12 months of free updates; after those 12 months, you'll still be able to download the versions and updates that you've already paid, for ever (we'll never cut off access);
  • if we release a new major version during those 12 months, you get access to that version too;
  • if you want to submit bugs, make suggestions or contribute, you can request access to the Github repo too;

Do I have access to these products if I purchased an Unlimited License?

No. These are separate products. They've been created separately and they are sold separately. Your Unlimited License gives you the right to use Backpack in an unlimited number of projects. These products give you the right to use them (the products) in unlimited projects.

Does one purchase cover multiple projects? How about multiple domains?

Yes. Every purchase covers unlimited projects and unlimited domains.

Does one purchase cover subdomains?

Yes. Every purchase covers unlimited subdomains.

Does it cover parked domains?

Yes. Every purchase covers unlimited parked domains.

Does it cover local/staging/testing environments?

Yes. Install them and use them wherever you want.

Does it cover sublicensing?

No. This payment does not cover inclusion in free/paid packages or forks. A special sublicensing or reseller agreement is needed for that. Please email us and we'll tell you more about it.

How do I transfer the rights to my client?

If you're building websites or web apps for clients, you don't need to transfer the rights to them. They can keep using the packages thanks to your purchase, using your access codes - that's ok with us. But if you want to transfer the rights, you can create a Backpack account for them, and we'll create a new API Key in their account, so you can use that. Email us and we'll help you out.

What happens after those 12 months of free updates have passed?

You still have access to the versions and updates you paid for. For ever. But you stop having access to new updates and versions. Whis is fine, because most of these packages don't receive a top of updates anyway. When you do want access to new updates, however, you can make another purchase, to buy an additional 12 months of updates. And we'll even give you a 50% discount.

Is there an easier way to pay for both Backpack and the additional products?

Not yet. But we're considering a bundle called "Everything we build" (aka "In Backpack we trust"). With one purchase, you'd get access to everything - Backpack, all existing products and all upcoming paid products, to use in unlimited projects. I'd also include updates for 12 months - not only minor and patch versions... but major versions too - everything we do! If that sounds good to you, please email us for more info - we're excited to make it happen.