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This package adds 5 more operations, 10 filters, 28 more fields, 6 more columns and 1 more widget to your admin panel. We believe it's everything you need to build your project's admin panel... not matter how complex it becomes.

1.6.4 03-Apr-2023

  • fix pagination on ajax filter (@pxpm)

  • WIP image should send back the db value instead of the display url (@pxpm)

1.6.3 11-Mar-2023

  • fix phone field populating prefix with US when not doing geoIP lookup (@tabacitu)

1.6.2 03-Mar-2023

  • add path property to AutomaticServiceProvider (@tabacitu)

1.6.1 28-Feb-2023

  • fix phone field using geoIP when editing (@tabacitu)

1.6.0 31-Jan-2023

1.5.0 27-Dec-2022

  • Fix address_google field loading of google api script (@pxpm)
  • add google_map field type (@pxpm)

1.4.2 20-Dec-2022

  • add options per color field (@pxpm)

1.4.1 13-Dec-2022

1.4.0 30-Nov-2022

1.3.2 28-Nov-2022

  • Fix the usage of JS API inside InlineCreate (@pxpm)

  • Updated service provider (@promatik)

  • Exclude issues in changelog generation (@phpfour)

  • Focus on filter inputs when filter open (@pxpm)

1.3.1 27-Oct-2022

  • [hot fix]Fix morph fields when using all of the same type. (@pxpm)

  • fix the function name (@pxpm)

  • add table show/hide properties to elements (@pxpm)

1.3.0 14-Oct-2022

1.2.8 08-Sep-2022

  • Update workflow for Changelog generation (@phpfour)

1.2.7 31-Aug-2022

1.2.6 31-Aug-2022

  • Allow repeatable to use Laravel Collections too (@pxpm)

  • use the same fetch convention whe (@pxpm)

  • use ViewNamespaces class to load views (@pxpm)

1.2.5 19-Aug-2022

1.2.4 19-Aug-2022

1.2.3 19-Aug-2022

  • move scripts stack higher in file hierarchy for InlineCreate (@pxpm)

  • Create releases.yml (@tabacitu)

1.2.2 15-Aug-2022

  • [Feature] Repeatable field focuses on first focusable input (@maurohmartinez)

  • Fix for repeatable field when using with a fake translatable (@promatik)

  • CrudFields - Subfields callbacks on the fly (@promatik)

  • Replace HTML comments with Blade comments (@promatik)

  • FetchOperation to use simplePaginate to avoid counting query (@pxpm)

1.2.1 23-Jul-2022

  • fix pivot select option disable (@pxpm)

1.2.0 19-Jul-2022

  • fix inline create not applying operation callback configuration (@pxpm)

  • don't mess with configs, use viewNamespaces as a crud setting (@pxpm)

1.1.4 14-Jul-2022

  • add placeholder to select2 fields (@pxpm)

  • Fix repeatable fields on InlineCreate modals (@pxpm)

  • add check for input presence before applying change event (@pxpm)

  • Select2 Grouped and Nested clear and placeholder (@promatik)

  • JS Fields - Allow multiple subfield callbacks (@promatik)

1.1.3 29-Jun-2022

1.1.2 17-Jun-2022

  • fix the input event on repeatable (@pxpm)

  • select_and_order wrap the value as string (@pxpm)

  • Inline create independant translations (@pxpm)

1.1.1 10-Jun-2022

  • add input identifier to repeatable container (@pxpm)

1.1.0 10-Jun-2022

  • Properly parse container name (@pxpm)

  • Select and order fixes (@pxpm)

  • Rename js events (@pxpm)

  • small fixes for js api (@pxpm)

  • subfields should trigger change dynamically too (@pxpm)

  • Add slug field to PRO (@tabacitu)

  • Refactor repeatable selectors (@pxpm)

  • add support for repeatable field (@pxpm)

  • fix for date_range fileld to work with js api (@pxpm)

  • Support subfields in js api (@pxpm)

  • Multiple fixes for js api (@pxpm)

  • fix images events (@pxpm)

  • add support for browse and browse multiple in js api (@pxpm)

  • refator backpack field event names (@pxpm)

  • fix tinymce change event duplication (@pxpm)

  • Images fields fixes (@pxpm)

  • fix icon picker to work with js api (@pxpm)

  • Enable disable rich editors (@pxpm)

  • crud.fields() JS API for PRO fields (@tabacitu)

  • make wysiwyg editors and color picker work (@pxpm)

1.0.19 02-Jun-2022

  • use blade directives for asset loading, fix parent loaded assets key (@pxpm)

  • Revert "Merge pull request from DigitallyHappy/remove-width-inline… (@pxpm)

1.0.18 24-May-2022

  • add multiple brakets in multiple inputs (@pxpm)
  • always ensure locale is set on datepicker fields (@pxpm)

1.0.17 17-May-2022

  • add configurable search operator to fetch like we did for list (@pxpm)

1.0.16 10-May-2022

  • ignore inputs without name when generating the repeatable name (@pxpm)

  • Inline create fixes - backdrop & form fields (@pxpm)

1.0.15 04-May-2022

  • Swap rows without remove (@pxpm)

1.0.14 26-Apr-2022

  • use jquery wrapper when attaching the element in page (@pxpm)

  • Add ability to send the element and the row that triggered ajax request (@pxpm)

  • configurable inline create add button (@pxpm)

  • fix fetch_or_create container - merge before tag new version (@pxpm)

  • fix pivot disable previsously selected (@pxpm)

  • date_range work as subfield (@pxpm)

1.0.13 13-Apr-2022

  • Tinymce initialization (@pxpm)
  • make sure the defaults are only applied when this operation is requested (@pxpm)

1.0.12 01-Apr-2022

1.0.11 01-Apr-2022

  • add cropend event to image fields (@pxpm)

  • add showAsterisk for subfields that are required (@pxpm)

  • Delete select_grouped.blade.php (@tabacitu)

1.0.10 01-Mar-2022

  • fix repeatable hidden container field names (@pxpm)

  • Select2 fields - remove inline width 100%, since it's now fixed by a general CSS rule (@pxpm)

1.0.9 15-Feb-2022

1.0.8 14-Feb-2022

1.0.7 10-Feb-2022

  • make ajax selects work with translatable attributes (@pxpm)

1.0.6 09-Feb-2022

  • change github token for changelog-from-release action (@tabacitu)

1.0.5 09-Feb-2022

1.0.4 09-Feb-2022

  • add view helper to tabbed fields in inline create modals. (@pxpm)

1.0.3 04-Feb-2022

1.0.2 03-Feb-2022

1.0.1 03-Feb-2022

1.0.0 24-Jan-2022

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