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Upgrade Guide

This will guide you through upgrading from Backpack 3.5 to 3.6. For upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5 check out the previous upgrade guide.


  • Backpack\Base 1.0.x installed
  • Backpack\CRUD 3.5.x installed
  • Laravel 5.8 installed
  • PHP 7.1.3+
  • 5 minutes on top of your normal Laravel 5.8 upgrade

Upgrade Steps

  1. Update your composer.json file to require "backpack/crud": "3.6.*" along with "laravel/framework": "5.8.*". Remove backpack/base from your requirements - backpack/crud will take care of that. Then run composer update.

  2. In your App\Models\BackpackUser instead of Tightenco\Parental\HasParent, please use Backpack\Base\app\Models\Traits\InheritsRelationsFromParentModel; here's the diff;

  3. In your app/config/backpack/base.php please change your default_date_format and default_datetime_format to Do MMMM YYYY and Do MMMM YYYY, HH:mm respectively;

  4. If you've overwritten inc/head.blade.php or inc/scripts.blade.php, please make sure you use the newest version of Bootstrap; they've fixed a security vulnerability (XSS);

  5. Run php artisan view:clear

That's it. Thank you for taking the time to upgrade.

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