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Getting Started

Backpack is a collection of Laravel packages that help you build custom administration panels, for anything from presentation websites to complex web applications. You can drop it on existing Laravel installations or fresh projects.

In a nutshell:

  • Backpack\Base will provide you with a visual interface for the admin panel (the HTML, the CSS, the JS); it pulls in the excellent AdminLTE theme, adds authentication functionality & bubble notifications; when you decide to build a custom feature for your admin panel, you already have the HTML blocks for the UI, and it will look good;
  • Backpack\CRUD will help you build sections where your admins can manipulate entries for Eloquent models; we call them CRUD Panels after the most basic operations: Create/Read/Update/Delete; after understanding Backpack, you'll be able to create a CRUD panel for each entity in about 10 minutes / model:
# STEP 0. create migration (in case you're starting from scratch)
php artisan make:migration:schema create_tags_table --model=0 --schema="name:string:unique"
php artisan migrate

# STEP 1. create a model, a request and a controller for the admin panel
php artisan backpack:crud tag #use singular, not plural

# STEP 2. add a route for this admin panel to routes/backpack/custom.php
php artisan backpack:base:add-custom-route "CRUD::resource('tag', 'TagCrudController');"

# STEP 3. add sidebar item to resources/views/vendor/backpack/base/inc/sidebar_content.blade.php
php artisan backpack:base:add-sidebar-content "<li><a href='{{ backpack_url('tag') }}'><i class='fa fa-tag'></i> <span>Tags</span></a></li>"

# STEP 4. go through the generated files, customize according to your needs

Need to Know


  • Laravel 5.8
  • PHP 7.1.3+
  • MySQL (recommended) / PostgreSQL / SQLite / SQL Server


Take a look at our homepage.


You can easily install a demo Laravel project with Backpack installed and play around.


Backpack has never had a critical vulnerability/hack. But there have been important security updates for dependencies (including Laravel). Please login with Github or subscribe to our monthly newsletter, so we can reach you in case anything bad happens. No spam, no marketing emails, we promise. We only send one email per month, with Backpack updates.


Backpack 3.5 is the current version, and is being actively maintained by Backpack's creator, Cristian Tabacitu, with the help of a wonderful community of Backpack veterans. See all contributors.


Backpack is under a license we call "You make money, I make money" (YummY). Backpack's source is public, and you can use it for free for non-commercial purposes (testing, non-profits, personal use, etc), but if you make money using it you need to purchase a commercial license. Please see the pricing section for more details. In production, you need a license code for both commercial and non-commercial use, to prevent nagging notification bubbles. On localhost, you don't need a license code.


In addition to our core packages (Base and CRUD), there are a few packages you can install or download, that treat common use cases. Some have been developed by our core team, some by our wonderful community. You can just install interfaces to manage site-wide settings, the default Laravel users table, users, groups & permissions, content for custom pages, using page templates, news articles, categories and tags, etc.

For more, please see:

How to Start

We heavily recommend you spend a little time to understand Backpack, and only afterwards install and use it. Currently your options are:

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