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A developer UI for generating migrations, models and CRUDs

3.1.5 08-May-2024

  • resolve the connection before getting the name (@pxpm)

3.1.4 06-May-2024

  • use internal component schema cache to list tables (@pxpm)

3.1.3 22-Apr-2024

  • move models list creation to a separate method (@pxpm)

  • use default connection when no related model selected, ensure array keys are set (@pxpm)

3.1.2 22-Apr-2024

  • remove crud trait dependency (@pxpm)
  • fix typo (@pxpm)
  • Remove link to 404 from (@tabacitu)

3.1.1 27-Mar-2024

  • Fix function parameters (@pxpm)
  • add dev keyword to composer.json (@tabacitu)

3.1.0 18-Mar-2024

  • Add Laravel 11 Support (@pxpm)
  • fix release action (@pxpm)

3.0.4 26-Nov-2023

  • support sqlsrv indexes (@pxpm)

3.0.3 26-Nov-2023

  • support sqlite indexes (@pxpm)

3.0.2 21-Nov-2023

  • Layout fixes (@promatik)

  • [fixes] delete confirmation, relation creation and minor cleanup (@pxpm)

3.0.1 07-Nov-2023

3.0.0 12-Oct-2023

2.0.3 20-Jul-2023

  • update dev dependencies (@pxpm)
  • remove the x from the modal (@pxpm)
  • Check if Blueprint already set the nullable on rules (@pxpm)
  • Added span wrappers to all icons (@promatik)

2.0.2 01-Jul-2023

2.0.1 01-Jul-2023

2.0.0 01-Jul-2023

  • Require php ext-sqlite (@promatik)

  • [WIP] Support for Backpack v6 (@maurohmartinez)

  • [WIP] Support Backpack v6 (@tabacitu)

  • Fix Github action for generating changelog (@phpfour)

  • Use HasForm in backpack forms (@pxpm)

  • fix history replace (@pxpm)

  • fix code preview (@pxpm)

  • fix add devtools sidebar item (@pxpm)

  • Fix devtools interface (@pxpm)

  • publish menu item to correct menu_items file in v6 (@tabacitu)

1.3.5 03-Mar-2023

  • add path property on automatic service provider (@tabacitu)
  • Use class namespace to add crud trait into models (@pxpm)

1.3.4 01-Mar-2023

  • remove DevTools does not support L10 notice (@tabacitu)

1.3.3 01-Mar-2023

  • fix add CrudTrait to models (@pxpm)
  • Fix a few problems when generating an operation with a form (@tabacitu)

1.3.2 21-Feb-2023

1.3.1 16-Feb-2023

  • remove laravel dependency as it is a crud dependency (@pxpm)

1.3.0 13-Dec-2022

  • [Bug] Create Operation > generated things do not have appropriate casing (@maurohmartinez)

  • Create Page Modal (@promatik)

1.2.1 26-Nov-2022

  • Replaced Stringable value with toString() (@promatik)

  • [Bug] Empty directory causes Sushi to fail (@maurohmartinez)

  • Exclude issues in changelog generation (@phpfour)

1.2.0 25-Oct-2022

1.1.0 16-Sep-2022

1.0.42 05-Sep-2022

  • No interaction on backpack:crud command (@promatik)

1.0.41 23-Aug-2022

  • add a workaround for alerts (@pxpm)

1.0.40 23-Aug-2022

1.0.39 19-Aug-2022

1.0.38 19-Aug-2022

1.0.37 16-Aug-2022

1.0.36 12-Aug-2022

  • Remove post_release Github Action (@tabacitu)

1.0.35 08-Aug-2022

1.0.34 13-Jul-2022

  • [Bug] Fix get crud controller attribute (@maurohmartinez)

  • [Optimization] Merge the two questions about editor in the installation process (@maurohmartinez)

  • Customize unique rule to take into consideration the entry ID (@promatik)

1.0.33 07-Mar-2022

1.0.32 07-Mar-2022

  • fix model selection on relationship schema (@pxpm)

  • prevent errors when colum does not have args (@pxpm)

  • re-initialize app interaction variables in RelationshipComponent (@pxpm)

  • allow the creation of the migration without migrating it (@pxpm)

1.0.31 15-Feb-2022

1.0.30 13-Feb-2022

  • add Laravel 9 support to DevTools (@tabacitu)

1.0.29 07-Feb-2022

  • [BUG] Fixed request rules generation by using the new args attribute (@promatik)

  • add Backpack v5 support (@tabacitu)

  • Fix for dropped support on Laravel migration rollback (@promatik)

1.0.28 01-Nov-2021

  • Fix for STDIN error in production (@promatik)

1.0.27 25-Oct-2021

  • fix model generation auto selection (@pxpm)

1.0.26 11-Oct-2021

  • Fix to avoid files with syntax errors (@promatik)

1.0.25 28-Sep-2021

  • Support for PostgreSQL (@promatik)
  • Charset & collation as dependent selects (@pxpm)

1.0.24 20-Sep-2021

1.0.23 13-Sep-2021

  • [Feature] Improved seeder error messages (@promatik)

  • [Bug] Factory and Seeder generated, but no longer recognized by DevTools (@promatik)

  • [Bug] Avoid ugly error when no models are found (@promatik)

1.0.22 31-Aug-2021

  • Using Box-drawing chars on console (@promatik)

  • Fix on usage of canAddCrudTrait and canGenerateCrud getters (@promatik)

  • make it generate factories and seeders outside app folder (@pxpm)

  • open modifiers when they have errors (@pxpm)

1.0.21 26-Aug-2021

1.0.20 24-Aug-2021

1.0.19 24-Aug-2021

1.0.18 24-Aug-2021

1.0.17 24-Aug-2021

1.0.16 24-Aug-2021

1.0.15 23-Aug-2021

  • Added Install command (@promatik)

  • Fix factory generation on blueprint 1.25 (@promatik)

  • Fixes on morphs (@promatik)

  • prevent version 2.0 update until we decide (@pxpm)

  • Remove "See Files" from show page (@pxpm)

1.0.14 18-Aug-2021

  • Fixed generate all (@promatik)

  • remove manual sushi fix (@pxpm)

  • add php_cs_fixer and workflow for it (@tabacitu)

  • Removed Blueprint temporary fix for blueprint/issues/490 (@promatik)

1.0.13 13-Aug-2021

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed buildFactory for App\\ namespace (@promatik)

  • [Bug Fix] Another ugly fix ✌ (@promatik)

  • use current modifier (@pxpm)

  • Bug fixes on Seed operation (@promatik)

1.0.12 05-Aug-2021

1.0.11 05-Aug-2021

  • Fix on Factories – Models with reserved words (@promatik)

  • Temporary fix for laravel-shift/blueprint/issues/490 (@promatik)

  • [Feature] Seed Operation 🎉 (@promatik)

  • WIP - related files as operation with tabs (@tabacitu)

  • WIP - add related files to model preview page (@tabacitu)

1.0.10 02-Aug-2021

  • [Enhancement] Models dropdown is not ordered alphabetically (@promatik)

  • Make useCurrent valid for dateTime and dateTimeTz (@promatik)

  • Minor fix on rememberToken column type (@promatik)

  • Order Models by creation date desc by default (@promatik)

  • Validate if CRUD, Seeders, Factories and CrutTrait can be generated (@promatik)

  • Added missing validation on ModelRequest (@promatik)

  • Fix sqlite attribute limit - too many SQL variables error (@pxpm)

  • Add validation to default modifier value based on column type (@pxpm)

1.0.9 30-Jul-2021

  • Fix relationship on column switch (@pxpm)

  • Fix duplicate alerts (@pxpm)

  • validate duplicated column names (@pxpm)

  • fix relationship model generation (@pxpm)

  • Cache schema and models in InteractsWithApplication (@tabacitu)

1.0.8 29-Jul-2021

  • fix default false modifier (@pxpm)

  • Fix add with reserved SQL words (@tabacitu)

  • Use events to update model list (adds "+ Add Model" button to ForeignId and BelongsTo) (@pxpm)

  • Relationships should use relationship fields, not text (@promatik)

1.0.7 27-Jul-2021

  • Added more doctrine type mapping to avoid loading errors (@promatik)

  • Added validations for min and max for all the field types (@promatik)

  • Added missing seeders folder validation on Generate Extras (@promatik)

  • Fix wrong modifiers on request (@promatik)

  • do not allow negative numbers in inputs (@pxpm)

  • do not infer stuff if we get old session values (@pxpm)

  • Fix request modifier generation (@pxpm)

  • Prepare README for launch (@tabacitu)

  • Operation to add CrudTrait to models that don't have them (@pxpm)

1.0.6 21-Jul-2021

1.0.5 14-Jul-2021

  • Column orders & button positioning (@pxpm)

1.0.4 14-Jul-2021

  • add schema manager to handle enum fields (@pxpm)

  • fix arguments losing value when error in form (@pxpm)

  • When pressing enter not more modifiers shown. (@pxpm)

  • Add install troubleshooting items (@pxpm)

  • Added non recursive paths (@promatik)

  • Validate foreignId columns (@pxpm)

  • Fix model generation - limit selection to unsigned bigint (@promatik)

  • Fix model relationship generation (@pxpm)

1.0.3 28-Jun-2021

  • fix - paths in config file are all under one config variable (@tabacitu)
  • Model - Generate Seeders and Factories (@promatik)
  • .id is ignored as id is the default (@pxpm)
  • [UPDATED] Fix lazy inputs (@pxpm)
  • add unique and index (@pxpm)

1.0.2 22-Jun-2021

  • support nullable timestamps (@pxpm)

  • use string ids to fix inode error on windows (@pxpm)

  • force generators version with the latest needed fix (@tabacitu)

  • treat unloaded classes as anonymous funcs (@pxpm)

  • Update with editor installation step (@tabacitu)

  • Anonymous migrations (@tabacitu)

  • fix checkbox toggler (@pxpm)

  • Fix non existing factory and seeder links (@promatik)

  • Minor fixes plus php cs fix (@promatik)

  • Minor fix on blueprint generator (@promatik)

  • Added proper support for multiple file editors (@promatik)

  • automate belongs to relations (@pxpm)

1.0.1 02-Jun-2021

1.0.0 02-Jun-2021

  • Ordered column types (@promatik)

  • fix models CRUD not working when a directory like seeds/seeders is missing (@tabacitu)

  • make string first (@pxpm)

  • Fix case sensitive file links (@promatik)

  • disable column types (@pxpm)

  • Add lazy to inputs (like debouncing events, but uses the native change event) (@pxpm)

  • Added validation for required values (enums and sets) (@promatik)

  • Add devtools tests & refactor (@pxpm)

  • Populated requests (@promatik)

  • do not use facade (@pxpm)

  • renamed app directory to src (@tabacitu)

  • fix Models CRUD search (@tabacitu)

  • fix the search for migration names (@pxpm)

  • Relationship schema improvements (@tabacitu)

  • always run exec for composer dump-autoload (@tabacitu)

  • Livewire component field (@tabacitu)

  • change checkbox_toggler field to use underscore for consistency (@tabacitu)

  • add relationship schema builder (@pxpm)

  • fix focus on first input (@pxpm)

  • use crud operation instead of custom names (@pxpm)

  • fix model (@pxpm)

  • refactoring (@pxpm)

  • add operation specific modifiers (@pxpm)

  • add publish modals with functionality (@tabacitu)

  • Ability to run and rollback specific migrations (@promatik)

  • hide fields with css (@pxpm)

  • rename schema builder stuff (@pxpm)

  • Migration path in run (@pxpm)

  • Migration and Model validations (@promatik)

  • fix first modifier, add hide modifiers (@pxpm)

  • fix seeders not being generated in the seeders directory wasn't present (@tabacitu)

  • renamed PhpFile class to CustomFile (@tabacitu)

  • Refactored how we work with PHP files (@tabacitu)

  • Livewire component instead of Textarea when defining migrations (@tabacitu)

  • [WIP] Add model screen (@tabacitu)

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