Best free HTML templates for admin panels in 2024

Intro If you're looking for a free HTML template to build an admin panel, there are several popular options available. In this article,...

Karan Datwani
Karan Datwani


If you're looking for a free HTML template to build an admin panel, there are several popular options available. In this article, I'll highlight the top 3 templates based on their maintenance, flexibility, documentation, popularity, and polish. These templates are built using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a widely used front-end framework. It provides a responsive and customizable foundation for web development.

To create this top 3, we have gone through 30+ admin panel themes, and have only chosen what we consider to be THE BEST.

Top 3 Free Bootstrap admin themes:

Why showcasing Bootstrap themes only?

  • Bootstrap is the most popular & basic framework. Everyone knows how to use it. No new learnings are required.
  • Backpack is a bootstrap-based admin panel, that offers to choose bootstrap themes for your admin panel.
  • It's Free Open Source & many of its themes are free too.

Here are some popular free HTML templates for admin panels:


This popular admin panel template uses Bootstrap 5, includes charts, tables, and a wide range of UI components and features a responsive design.

Criteria Rating Description
Maintenance ★★★★✩ Regularly maintained and updated on GitHub, ensuring compatibility with the latest Bootstrap version 5.
Flexibility ★★★★✩ Good enough; has tables, components, charts etc. but not as many as Tabler
Documentation ★★★★✩ Excellent. Provides comprehensive documentation.
Popularity & Community ★★★★★ It has a substantial community and showcases popularity based on Google Trends and GitHub stars.
Polish ★★★✩✩ It has a clean and simple design with focus on ease of use.


Tabler is a well-maintained admin panel template with clean code and a rich collection of free components. It is designed to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use.

Clean code, well-maintained, but most of all - TONS of free components.

Criteria Rating Description
Maintenance ★★★★★ Most active in terms of updates; last update was 1 week ago.
Flexibility ★★★★★ Offers a broad range of components and layouts, providing flexibility in designing the admin panel.
Documentation ★★★★✩ Provides clear documentation, making it easy to understand and implement.
Popularity & Community ★★★★✩ Not as large as AdminLTE, but it has gained popularity for its simplicity and modern design.
Polish ★★★★★ Tabler has a modern and visually appealing design. It is lightweight and suitable for contemporary look.


CoreUI is a free Bootstrap admin template with a set of reusable components and a responsive design. It comes in different versions, including Bootstrap, Angular, React, and Vue.

Criteria Rating Description
Maintenance ★★★✩✩ Utilizes Bootstrap 5 and receives regular updates on GitHub.
Flexibility ★★★★✩ Offers a sufficient range of UI components. It provides versions tailored for different JavaScript frameworks, making it versatile for developers using various technologies.
Documentation ★★★★✩ Provides comprehensive and clear documentation.
Popularity & Community ★★★✩✩ CoreUI has an active community and cater to developers working with different frontend frameworks.
Polish ★★★★✩ The interface is polished and visually appealing.


These three templates represent some of the best free HTML templates available for creating admin panels. Remember to check if the template provides the components and features you need for your project. Some templates might have specific features or plugins that are more suitable for certain types of applications.

A strong community can provide valuable resources, support, and updates. The design aesthetics of each template may appeal to different preferences. Consider which one aligns better with the look and feel you want for your application.

Happy Theming!

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