It's never been easier to build and customize admin panels using Laravel.

See why thousands of professionals have been using Backpack for Laravel, every day. Since 2016.

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Simple MVC Architecture

Similar to how you'd build it without Backpack. To create a management page (aka CRUD), you create a CrudController. In there, configure or overwrite whatever you want. Load our views, or create your own.

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Minimal Technology Stack

Laravel, Bootstrap & jQuery. Those are all the technologies you need to know, to customize anything in Backpack. You can totally use Vue, React, WebPack, Mix, Less, Sass, NPM etc. If you want to. But you don't have to.

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HTML Building Blocks

Our Bootstrap theme, Backstrap is baked in. If you need to build a custom page, dashboard, widgets etc - just copy-paste HTML blocks from its website. Or from Bootstrap's website! No designer required. No pixel pushing.

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The Operations most Eloquent models need, right out of the box.

They're available as traits, to use on your Controller. That way, they're easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, easy-to-overwrite and easy-to-create.


- 25+ column types
- search
- pagination
- bulk actions
- export to XLS, CSV, PDF
- filter entries using 12+ filter types

Create & Update

- 50+ field types
- split large forms using tabs
- multiple inputs per line
- validation using FormRequests
- multi-language entries

Delete & BulkDelete

Delete an entry. Or multiple entries, across multiple pagination pages. Want to soft delete them? No problem, just have that trait on your Eloquent model.

Clone & BulkClone

Duplicate an existing entry, instead of creating a similar one from scratch. No more copy-paste between windows.


Allow your admins to drag&drop entries to reorder and nest them. One level deep, two levels deep... or in an infinite nested hierarchy.


Always know who modified what. Then allow your admins to Undo and Redo changes. A.k.a. audit trait or audit log.

Impossible? No such thing.
Easily create custom components.

Real projects come with really specific needs. That's why companies, agencies & freelancers use Backpack - because it's ridiculously simple to overwrite the default behaviour. In addition, most particularities can be done in custom files, without overwriting anything:

Custom fields

Custom columns

Custom filters

Custom buttons

Custom widgets

Custom operations

Custom pages

Custom views

Custom JavaScript

Custom CSS

... ...
... ...

The most advanced UX for tables.

We've spent years making sure your admin panels will be easy to use. By anyone. On any device.

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Easy to use tabels? On smartphones?

Yes. Backpack shows as many columns as possible, ordered by importance. Everything else gets hidden behind a "..." symbol - just only click away.

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Hundreds of attributes?

Go ahead. The interface won't become overwhelming, we've made sure of it. Anything from presentation websites to ERPs, Backpack can take it.

Now with tools & services for the other parts of your web development process.

Those who use Backpack regularly will find that coding is no longer the bottleneck - the other parts of the process are. So we've improved those too.


Wireframing & Design

Use our Backpack Figma Template to quickly design admin panels that are easy-to-code. Paid extra.


Generating Code

Use Backpack DevTools instead of the command line, to generate Models, Migrations, Seeders, Factories, CRUDs... easily. Paid extra.



Use Backpack\CRUD (our main product) to create admin panels that are easy to use, create, overwrite and maintain. At an incredible price.



Don't have the time or experience to do something yourself? Get our team to do it. Paid extra.


Unique Downloads


Monthly Users


Code Contributors

“Backpack speeds up CRUD development time and allows adding complex features (such as revision history) with just a few lines of code. Overriding default Backpack behavior (if you need to) is easy and well documented. There is also a substantial community around Backpack that is always willing to help if you get stuck.”

Sean, USA

“The most customisable and functional Admin Panel for Laravel, out of all I've tried in my projects. Thank you!”

Bogdan, Russia

"It made my development life much easier. Get Backpack. You won't regret it."

Todd, USA

"The best admin panel for Laravel that exists! Using it since July 2018 and never had any serious issues. Backpack team is responsible, listens to the community and works hard on supporting new features. Running this admin panel in production for 2 years and I totally recommend it to everyone!"

Stefan, Serbia

“Best Administration Panel for Laravel! Not only has it helped me become a better developer. The community is so friendly and helpful to each other. I've made great personal projects using it and adapted it to be used on a project for my work and create applications used by several US States.”

Abby Janke, USA

“Surely the starting point for every Laravel project. Don't reinvent the wheel, use the best wheel ever made!!”

Michael, Italy

“Backpack for Laravel is the most powerful and customizable admin panel for Laravel I'm using it since 2017 and I didn't regret one moment since I used it, it's easy to use and really has a great team who works hard, using it for almost 3 years made me understand other concepts to build CRUD and Admin Panels for Laravel, you have to try it and I'm sure you won't regret it at all. Thanks Backpack for Laravel team and community to be part of our life.”

Mokhlas Hussein, France

“Amazing Laravel Package for every admin project needs. With lots of options and tools, it accelerates development of project. Kudos to the Team.”

Rajendra, Nepal

“I have been using Backpack for 2 years, I tried it for a project and I immediately fell in love with it. The huge work they have done and that they are continuing to do in these years make me proud to be one of the users for a long time. I also tried to merge some changes, but without success, anyway I think it's one of the best if not the best admin panel and the most flexible that I know.”

Alex Bedendo, Italy

“I started using Backpack from the early days and since then I saw how much the whole platform evolved. I am very happy with Cristian Tabacitu and the whole team. They are always answering on GitHub/StackOverflow and helping finding a good solution to a developer's requirements. Best wishes to the whole team! Looking forward to v4.2 :)”

Dimitar Topalov, Bulgaria
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