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Calendar Operation

Let you admins see and manage model entries... directly on a calendar.

1.0.5 21-Mar-2024

  • add italian translations - thanks (@pxpm)

1.0.4 20-Mar-2024

  • add missing translations to calendar (@pxpm)

1.0.3 08-Mar-2024

  • map fields to model attributes (@pxpm)

1.0.2 06-Mar-2024

  • Add z-index to event-menu dropdown (@promatik)

1.0.1 05-Mar-2024

  • fix ids on calendar operation (@pxpm)

1.0.0 29-Feb-2024

0.0.1 29-Feb-2024

  • add option to overwrite javascript (@pxpm)
  • Review fixes (@pxpm)
  • Update (@tabacitu)
  • add widget to operation (@pxpm)
  • Calendar operation fixes & improvements (@pxpm)

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