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Are you stuck using Backpack in some way? Can't figure out how to do something? Please post your question & code on StackOverflow, using the backpack-for-laravel tag. We've been blessed with a great community, that is happy to help.

Go to StackOverflow

If you have an urgent matter that won't take much time to answer, use our 24/7 Gitter chatroom. Tens of people hang out there sometimes. But keep in mind chatrooms are NOT a good place to post code. And everybody's probably working on their own things - so be mindful of their time.

Open Gitter Chatroom

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. Are you sure there's no fix for it already? Have you searched using Google? On our Github maybe? If you have, and there's no fix available, please open an issue about it on Github, and we'll get it fixed in no time. Thank you for letting us know - it really helps.

Open Github Issues

Some of us are redditors. So naturally that's where we like to waste our time. If you just want to bounce ideas off someone, share something you've made, or talk about Backpack, Laravel or web development in general - join our subreddit. Bonus - that's where you'll first find out about what's coming next in Backpack.

Open /r/BackpackForLaravel

Don't have the time to finish what you started? Or maybe you don't even want to begin yourself? Would rather have someone else do the work? Reach out using the contact form in our Services page. You'll have a hard time finding someone with more experience and passion on this topic - our teams have been building admin panels for 10+ years.


Do you have a question or proposal that doesn't really fit in any of the channels above? Send an email to [email protected].

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