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4th of September 2018
September 2018 Newsletter

3 months ago you told us what your biggest wishes are for Backpack improvements. I’m proud to say in August we've finished 2 of your top 5 wishes. And beautifully so: Brand new documentation - waaay better wording, structure, search; more examples and images; plus, you can now help make the docs better with PRs on Github; we've spend a lot of time on this, but we know you’ll appreciate it; Bul...

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2nd of March 2019
Laravel 5.8 is out, and Backpack 3.6 provides support for it

Laravel 5.8 has been launched on Feb 26th 2019. It provides a few new features, but what we find most important is the upgrade to Carbon v2, which provides an easy and efficient way of localizing dates. The upgrade process is relatively quick, and should be possible for all 5.7 projects. That's why we've quickly released Backpack\CRUD 3.6 and Backpack\Base 1.1 - to provide Backpack users a way to...

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