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Impossible? No such thing.

Companies, agencies & freelancers use Backpack because it's easy to change every little detail.
Deliver admin panels exactly the way your client wants them.

Simple MVC Architecture

Every CRUD you build has a simple architecture. You have full access to change the routes, the controller, the validation request - because they're your files, not some black box. You’re in full control.

Minimal Technology Stack

Laravel, Bootstrap & jQuery. That’s all you need to know to customize every little bit of your CRUDs. You don’t need to know Vue, Angular, WebPack, Mix, Less, Sass, NPM etc. You can use them, if you want, but you don't have to.

Front-end Building Blocks

Backpack’s interface is based on the excellent CoreUI theme. To build custom pages or features, you can use examples from their website - and it will look great. No need for a designer. Don't spend time pushing pixels.

The most advanced table UX.

We've spent years making sure your admin panels will be easy to use.
By anyone. On any device.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
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    Use every inch of your screen, purposefully

    Backpack doesn't assume a minimum or a maximum window size. It will shrink or expand so that your admins can make the best use of the window, whether they're on an ultraportable, or a 27" monitor.

    The sidebar can be minimized, so you can use that space too.

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    Click to see all columns that didn't fit

    Backpack gradually hides unimportant columns behind a "..." symbol. Click that button and you'll see everything you could see on a huge screen.

    The sidebar can be minimized, so there's more screen real estate for the table.

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    Tables that you can actually use on smartphones

    On small screens, Backpack gradually hides unimportant columns behind a "..." symbol. The most important columns and the action buttons are kept one-click away, while all other columns are still easily available, in a modal.

    The sidebar is hidden from view, and works as a drawer menu.

Feature-packed CRUD operations.

We've already created the operations most CRUDs need, so that you don't have to. Use them, customize them or create your own. Easily.

To understand how Backpack CRUDs work, we highly recommend you go through our Getting Started Guide ↗
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    Create, Update

    - 50+ field types
    - split large forms using tabs
    - change input size (up to 6 per line)
    - validation (using FormRequests)
    - multi-language entries

    Documentation ↗
  2. 2


    - 25+ column types
    - filter entries using 12+ filter types
    - bulk actions
    - export to XLS, CSV, PDF

    Documentation ↗
  3. 3

    Reorder (a.k.a. Nest)

    Easily allow your users to reoder and nest entries, in an infinite hierarchy. Or just one level deep. Or two. And so on.

    Documentation ↗
  4. 4

    Revisions (a.k.a. Audit Log)

    Keep track of all changes to a database row, then allow your users to Undo and Redo changes.

    Documentation ↗
  5. 5

    Clone, BulkClone

    Another easy one. Duplicate an existing entry, instead of creating a similar one from scratch. No more copy-paste between entries.

    Documentation ↗

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