The most popular admin panel software for Laravel.

Build custom admin panels, 10x faster. Generate CRUDs for your Eloquent models in seconds, then easily change anything you would possibly want, thanks to its simple architecture.

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Core Packages

The powerful, flexible admin panel framework that Laravel professionals love.

  • Backpack\Base

    You worry about the admin panel's functionality. The theme will make it look pretty.

    Backpack\Base imports the latest version of the free AdminLTE theme, which is more than enough for most admin panels or backoffices.

    It also includes:

    • a great layout for your admin pages
    • login/register/forgot-password views
    • bubble notifications for flashdata and js
    • a blank dashboard view
    • error views for most common errors
  • Backpack\CRUD

    Code Create-Read-Update-Delete interfaces at 10 minutes per Eloquent model.

    • 44+ field types
    • 1-n relationships
    • n-n relationships
    • AJAX Datatables integration
    • File browser (using elFinder)
    • Reordering (nested sortable)
    • Details row (click to expand table row)
    • Back-end validation using Form Requests
    • Bulk actions

    Battle-tested by professionals for everything from presentation websites to complex web apps (CMS, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, e-learning).

  • Backpack\Generators

    Create all files needed for a CRUD with one command line.

    Backpack\Generators allows you, with one command line, to generate a migration, model, request and controller. Then you just need to go through these familiar files to customize your CRUD.


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