Our team is available to help, every step of the way.

You're backed by an experienced team, who can build complex web apps and the admin panels they rely on.

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SaaS, PaaS, social networks, ERPs, e-learning, e-commerce - you dream it, we've already built it. And we can do it again, even better.

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We're so fast and confident in our designs, that we rarely do wireframes any more. Our discovery process ends in final designs.

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Our preferred stacks include Laravel, Livewire or VueJS and of course Backpack. We've been around long enough to master them all.

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Magic happens when you get a separate person to test, instead of a developer. No really, you should try it.

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Dev Ops

Manual or automatic deployments, on anything from DigitalOcean to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Engine.

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Project Management

You don't have to know all about MVP, agile, waterfall, kanban, stand-up, sprint, retro etc. But if you do - we do too.

Top Selling Services

We can help on your existing code...

This service package includes:

  • 10h of priority support, within 12 months
  • 24h response time guaranteed
  • answers by senior Backpack team members
  • priority bug fixes
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This service package includes:

  • 10h of consulting or tutoring by senior Backpack team members, on your project
  • audio/video calls, emails, research, planning
  • access to the expertise of foremost Backpack & Laravel experts
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or we can build it for you...

Our team will turn your idea into something everybody can understand and evaluate. At the end of this process, you will have the following deliverables:

  • a beautiful application design in Figma (as a clickable prototype or PDF)
  • tech specs for the app, including a list of features and user stories
  • development estimate

This is an invaluable part of building a web application. With a clear design and specs, all stakeholders have aligned expectations: the founder, the development team, prospective clients and investors. Without it, projects are likely to go off track.

We have clear packages for applications of any size:

  • Small App - we design and spec the 5 most important pages - €1500
  • Medium App - we design and spec the 10 most important pages - €2900
  • Large App - we design and spec the 20 most important pages - €4900
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Most projects can start as a MVP that can be built within a month or less. That way, you can start getting feedback from users and investors fast, and iterate on the product. This package is designed to help you to do exactly that.

For an entire month, our smallest multi-disciplinary team (including experts in admin panels and certified Laravel developers) will be working at coding and launching your MVP. This team includes:

  • 1 full-stack developer (full-time)
  • 1 senior software architect (as needed)
  • 1 UI/UX designer (as needed)
  • 1 tester (as needed)
  • 1 project manager (as needed)

This service can only be purchased after you have clear design and specs for your app. If you don't have those yet, we recommend you start with the Application Design & Planning service. You can reserve your spot with an advance of just €500 (fully refundable).

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We hire, train and retain experts in full-stack web development, front-end dev, back-end dev, software architecture, UI/UX design, testing, project management. If your needs don't fit our packages, we can build a team that fits your needs or augment your team.

We have 14+ years of experience with brands of all sizes (from small to very big) and our long-term clients have been with us for 10+ years.

Reach out so we see if we are a good match.

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We've built a lot of cool stuff. Yours is next.

From one month projects to 5 years of continuous development on the same app. We have done it all and then some.

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Users of our code


Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our services over the years.

“When I compare the team at Backpack to the many other developers I have used in the last 7 years, they completely and utterly destroy everyone else. It is unlikely that you will ever find a gem in the rough like this. Backpack took over a previously “failed” B2B project of mine and made it a huge success from a design, functionality and user experience standpoint. Do yourself a favor and work with these guys. It’s all I can say.”

Aaron West - CEO at Oshify, USA

“Backpack offered me the flexibility to gradually build a complex admin panel for a large e-commerce platform. They are hands-on, great programmers and always thinking of ways to improve code, flow and functionality. But most importantly, they are good people you can rely on.”

Gary Norton – CEO at Odin Development, USA

“For more than two years, I’ve been working with a great team at Backpack to build complex mobile and web software that will revolutionize the entire fleet management industry. From idea to specs, UX design and coding – Backpack was there to share the bumpy ride of an ambitious startup. And apart from superb technical skills, their strong management really saved the day on many occasions.”

Ron Sullivan – Co-Founder at OviDrive, Australia

“Once you give Backpack the general idea, they are able to come up with the right specs and then execute them flawlessly. We built some crazy stuff together: a payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin, an Ultra-HD video streaming service, a huge social network and the list goes on. I recommend Backpack to anyone who needs serious web development.”

Robert Knapp – Founder of Cyber Ghost, Germany

“After looking for a technology partner with experience in web and mobile applications, we chose to work with Backpack. Together, we have created a number of successful applications in the business Intelligence market place. Some of these applications, have been technically challenging to create, but by working closely together Backpack has become a trusted and technically capable partner.”

Timothy Poyntz – CEO at StaffTalk365, UK

“We imagined SchedulR as a tool to disrupt the traditional broker model for corporate access to investors. And Backpack helped us build cloud software that does just that. After launching the first version, we do continuous development with Backpack to implement new features and stay ahead.”

Kilian Maier – Co-Founder/CEO at Interaction Partners, Switzerland

“Our Romanian branch needed a new cloud software to do time tracking, financial analysis and invoicing. It was a complex project which spanned two years and impacted more than 100 employees. Although the scope changed several times, Backpack was able to keep costs & deadlines under control and to patiently manage expectations.”

Mircea Predut - Project Manager at TPA Group, Romania

“When you have to build a custom application to manage millions of records of product data, you really need good engineers. Backpack provided not only that, but they also communicate well, do great project management and successfully joined a team with members in multiple locations.”

Marina – CEO at Vorson Group, USA

“Backpack built a web app for evaluating volleyball referees for our company. It was easy working with them. The communication was great and they were very flexible regarding delivery deadlines. I highly recommend Backpack developers for complex web development. We will surely continue using their services, as they're always on the edge of innovation.”

Founder & Magento consultant at Ekomurz

“At JustNow we are all about solving an immensely important problem: prevent unnecessary food waste in the retail food industry. Together with Stone Soup Tech, Backpack were the right technology partners for the job. They have talented programmers and they really know how to be agile and integrate into existing teams. We are doing continuous development with them and it looks like we'll continue doing that in the future.”

Alex – CTO at JustNow, South Africa

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Let's see if we can do business together.

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