Backpack Commercial Licenses

Thank you for using Backpack in your paid projects. Your financial contribution helps us keep improving the software, for the next time you need it. It helps A LOT.

Step 1.

Register as a Backpack developer

This one-click registration will allow us to let you know of any breaking changes or security updates. Plus, you'll gain access to learning resources, code snippets, forum etc.

Register using Github

Step 2.

License your domain name

You can pay the one-time-fee using your PayPal account or credit card. Please see the FAQ if you have any questions. If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, contact us.

Step 3.

Use Backpack in production

After PayPal confirms your payment, you will receive two emails:

  • payment confirmation from PayPal
  • license confirmation from us

That will confirm you are allowed to use Backpack in production, for that project.